Latest: Parties sign Rome Declaration of Principles

SSOMA and government delegation sign the Rome Declaration of Principles |Photo: Thessherald

Full Communiqué

• The conflict in South Sudan is ethno-politically motivated. There shall be affirmed the separation of ethnicity from politics.

• Establishment of a democratic federal system of governance from the start of the interim period;

• The principle of division of power and wealth between the different levels of government shall be in accordance with the principles and characteristics of Federal System of governance;

• The Jurisdictions between the federal, the states and counties powers shall be clearly spelt out in the agreement and reflected in the constitution during the pre- interim period. During the transitional period, there shall be established a body that shall be called The Sovereign Council’ which shall have the responsibility to collegially manage, supervise and take the country through transition period. The Sovereign Council shall be led by a President and shall have equal representatives from each of the three greater regions of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal, and Upper Nile

• Any person who is sanctioned and accused of serious crimes or found guilty shall not hold any public office;

• Estabiishment of Inclusive balanced National Security Sector that reflects the ethnic diversity of the people of South Sudan.

• The agreed social contract, through constitution conference, shall be translated into tangible legislations and litigations that shall be binding to all in a permanent constitution.

• Formation of mechanisms of Transitional Justice, Accountability Reconciliation and Healing;

• The boarders and boundaries of South Sudan shall be as of 01/01/1956

• Land in South Sudan is owned by the community. It shall remain the duty of the respective states and the local government authorities under which the city or town falls, to negotiate with the concerned community that owns the particular land;

• Affirm full recognition of equal citizenship for all peoples of the Republic of South Sudan irrespective of ethnic, religious, gender based orientations, and people with special needs.

• We affirm the rights, empowerment and contribution of women in all fields in South Sudan;

• Freedoms of expression, religion, belief, association and assembly shall be fully granted

• Respect for life, Human Rights and dignity of the people of South Sudan without regard to age, gender, ethnic origin, religion and belief in the rightful path of national co-existence for building national unity

• 13. We affirm and respect the ethnic diversity of South Sudanese as a source of strength and national identity

• 13. Affirming the empowerment and participation of youth in the affairs of the country

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