The foreign payroll will collapse the peace agreement

Opinion | By Gatwech Ruei

Oct 18, 2020 (Thessherald)– Yesterday, the office of chief of general staff of SPLM IO, has sent a reminding letter to South Sudan peace guarantors, TROIKA, AU, and IGAD, that give us an attention and the fact that the future of peace is uncertain.

The government is telling the world, especially to the IGAD Countries that Dr. Machar has hidden plans while Dr. Machar is a victim of the peace agreement. He can’t move without permission from IGAD even he can’t be able to visit his family leave alone his forces. the government and some individuals within SPLM/A I.O are saying that peace is going on well.

Dr. Machar put his life in risk just for sack of peace to prevail to our beloved country but the majority of us failed to understand the status of Dr. Machar. Machar is a human being like any of us and he has a family and responsibility to take care of his family as a father before his participation in the national issues.

Machar as a person is fighting IGAD , TROIKA and Gen. Salva Kiir and his group but I am not surprise maybe it was similar to what Nguandeng Bong said: He is walking with Riek while Riek has no friends or [people].

Furthermore, the recall letters to so call South Sudan peace guarantors will not be answered due to foreign entities being in the payroll of the government. The SPLM/A I.O and people of South Sudan should know very well that the first Vice President of Republic of South Sudan, is in an open-prison in Juba by IGAD. He can’t go to the church for prayers, he can’t pay condolences visit to any burial ceremony or attend any social activities as human being or a leader. It is impossible to implement the peace with enemy while the enemy is controlling everything including your personal security.

Our people failed to discover the emerging dictatorship and building of the kingdom. What is a Dictator? A dictatorship is a form of government characterized by the absolute rule of one person or very small group of people who hold all political power Likes Gen.

Salva Kiir and JCE. If the dictatorship succeed, or people give up liberating themselves or don’t stop a dictatorship, always you should know that the kingdomship is around the conner. The culture of blaming and hanging things to one person will not help anymore. Machar is in an open-prison what we should do is to call upon the SPLM IO national Ministers to withdraw from the national government except Dr. Machar for reason that I have mentioned in the last article.

Gen. Kiir will never change his mind from the status quo unless he gets rid of all of us or surrender to him. The inflation will not stabilise, the communal fighting will not stop, the forces in training center will not graduate, IDP and refugees will not return, the insecurity will not approve, the hunger will continue and the suffering will continue unless you do the right things as revolutionist to prevent the suffering of people of South Sudan. Our great leader Dr. Machar will be free when we take the right action in the right place and the right time –Chiefs.

In this moment we are in the peace and supporting the agreement that is signed by our Chairman. It is Gen Kiir and IGAD who wants to spoil the peace due to their failure to monitor the peace not us. Our neighboring countries are involved in our internal conflict — Chiefs that why you heard there is payroll monthly.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and lives in South Sudan.

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