Traffic Police to introduce new number plates, urge motorists to register

An official letter issued by the Directorate of Nationality Traffic Police

Oct 23, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s National Traffic Police Services has announced the introduction of a new generation of license plates and urged vehicle owners to register their vehicles in a timely manner.

“All the government institutions are requested to bring their vehicles to traffic police GHQS for registration and the change of old number plate with SSG number plate for the sake of unifying database system in our country,” the Directorate of Traffic Police announced earlier this week.

The Directorate of Traffic Police restricts unnecessary movement of government vehicles after official working hours.

“All the government vehicles should not move after the official working hours, unless there is permit for free movement from Ministry concern with stated reasons.”

The government instructs local and international NGOs to bring their vehicles urgently for number plate registrations.

“All NGOs both national and international are requested to bring their vehicles for registration at the traffic police GHQS. 4. No Motorcycle (BodaBoda) should carry more than one person apart from rider.”

The Traffic Police warn motorists against using fragment of cloth to conceal their number plates.

“No vehicle should move on the road while number plate is covered with cloth, this is a violation of traffic rules & regulations.”

“Any vehicle using one number plate either front or behind shall be consider a criminal act and should be detain and taken to court immediately. 7. Any private vehicle with door open to left side is not allow to be used for carrying passengers or for public transport.”

“Any vehicle (bus, Noah etc) with door open to road side is strictly prohibited to be used for public transport.”

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