Achai Wiir establishes a new organization for the vulnerable

A person with disability receives a trike from Achai Wiir in Juba on 26, 2020 |Photo: Achai Wiir Foundation

October 27, 2020 (Thessherald)–A prominent businesswoman and philanthropist, Achai Wiir, has announced the formation of a new humanitarian agency that will meet the needs of people with disabilities, victims of armed conflict and flood-stricken communities.

“This is a humanitarian and Peace-building agency looking at aiding people who are suffering, including, victims of armed conflict, famine, flooding, orphans, extremely sick persons lacking financial support and organising inter-communal peace initiatives to unite the youth and elders,” Achai announced on social media on Monday.

Achai explained that their new office will be located at the International Commercial Bank building, and it is expected to expand its branches across the country soon.

“We are fully registered under Non-governmental Organisations, The NGO ACT 2016. Our head office is located at International Commercial Bank building, along Airport road with branches in other states expected to open soon to extend our support at state-level.”

Meanwhile, she donated a three-wheeled motorcycle to a disabled person as part of her ambitious plan to support people with disabilities.

A person with disability receives a trike from Achai Wiir in Juba on 26, 2020 |Photo: Achai Wiir Foundation

“Today through the Foundation, I donated a Trike to support a disabled man’s movement living in Gudele 2. The trike will help him commute over the long-distanced Gudele 2 – Juba town route on a daily basis.”

“I decided to replace the wheelchairs with trikes because I learned that most of the physically disabled people around Juba have difficulties in rolling their wheelchairs. It’s so tiresome and cumbersome to deal with everyday.
The three-wheeled motorcycles (trikes) provide more comfort over the wheelchairs by giving extra stability that means the disabled will use way less physical strength to control and navigate.”

As the project formally began on Monday, CEO Achai, said that more trikes will soon be distributed to anyone with disabilities as long as they meet illegibility criteria.

“The foundation has stationed more trikes in the warehouse that are scheduled to be distributed from tomorrow onward to eligible persons with disabilities within Juba and its outskirts.”

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