Opinion | Why Cde. Gola Boyoi is a Champion of Unity & Peace in S. Sudan

Unity through Inter-marriage

Opinion | By Ustaz Gum Thany

October 27, 2020 (Thessherald)–In 2015, during the first convention of National Youth Union at Freedom Hall in Juba, H.E. Cde. James Wani Igga called on young people to embark on inter-marriages. According to him, he said marrying from other tribes within South Sudan will be the major remedy for the unity of our fragmented country for its promote social cohesion. This was during the closure of the four days conference that brought Bol Dhieu as the first president of SSNYU.

From that very time none of us including the former leader answered the call of Cde. Wani. Four years characterised by divisions among young people went with this word unfulfilled and none of us thought of it as a quick remedy of uniting our communities as echoed by Vice president Wani Igga.

In his one year term in office and without being told in the convention, Cde Gola Boyoi Gola Jr. did unbelievable and amazing things that worth millions of thanks and appreciation from all South Sudanese and most especially the peace loving population. Besides the great things he is doing now in regards to the implementation of his manifesto, the young man from the Murle in the far South East of the country crossed many states full of impassable roads, bushes and rivers to the far North of the country only to humbly asked the Ngok Dinka of Abyei and the whole region of Bhar El Ghazal to give him their beautiful daughter.

Miss_Aweer_Ayoukchol , the queen of the region, welcomed the young man from Murle and introduced him to the family. With wonderful approach from Murle community and from Gola in particular, the great community of Ngok Dinka of Abyei didn’t hesitate to accept the proposal. Without reservation, Gola was allowed to proceed with his colourful marriage which he did last week.

Gola Boyoi breaks the rare records and most especially from Murle to marry from such far. The young man deserves great applause from all of us. He has answered the long time call from Cde Wani as far as the unity of our people is concerned. Now, should any Dinka not only from Abyei goes to Murle land, he or she will be granted or treated with a noble welcoming and hospitality just because of being an in-law of Gola Boyoi Gola. With no further fear of being killed, he or she will eat the food Murle eats freely. If such thing happens, who will not like it again? This is what we have been yearning for as South Sudanese. How I wish all young people of this country were like Cde Gola, this country wouldn’t be the same again.

Dear Nesip Gola, as your in-law, I welcome you to the region of Bhar El Gazal. It is a land of great people and your beautiful wife is a testimony on who we are. I encourage you not to listen to negative emotions being raised on social media by few individuals in regards to what happened during your traditional wedding. All that were exhibited were the beauty of our culture and you will admire more as you will be staying with your beautiful wife. In our culture, if a young beautiful girl moreover from a great family and having all the qualities that your wife possesses got married to other community, every young man of that village will not be happy.

They wish to be one of them taking her not a stranger. White people call it jealousy. Just ignore it Nesip and continue to make us happy as your in-laws. You are the champion of peace and feel free to visit your in-laws’ region anytime and you will be accorded with great welcoming you have ever seen.

Dear South Sudanese, why can we look at a bigger picture of everything other than always dwelling on tiny negative expect of everything. Let’s learn to appreciate and always be positive towards things that matter to us. Through positivity, we will soon overcome our differences and live a happy life as one people in one nation. Our diversity shouldn’t be equated to division instead it is our pride and we should appreciate it.

Finally, join me in congratulating the new couples and bless them to erect a strong foundation of their house and be a symbol of unity across the country. However, I believe and prove now, the connotation given to him during election time that Gola is a ‘gold of 2019’ indeed, he is a gold of our time and his deeds justified. For us to have many golds in this country, let’s adopt Gola’s style of promoting inter-marriage as well as tirelessly working for the welfare of this country.

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