Breaking: UPDF forces vow to dislodge SSPDF troops from the border

A UPDF gunner ranges a scope on a Machine gun mounted on top of a building|Photo:File
A UPDF gunner ranges a scope on a Machine gun mounted on top of a building|Photo:File

October 30, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has vowed to advance and dislodge SSPDF forces from adjacent areas bordering Uganda and South Sudan, according to a military source interviewed this morning by a local Radio station.

On Thursday, the UPDF forces were accused of an unusual incursion into South Sudan’s territory, causing fears among local residents in Eastern Equatoria.

“At 1: pm, a mechanized Unit of Ugandan People’s Defense Forces made a major incursion into our territory. UPDF armed with heavy artillery pieces and light military trucks mounted with 12.7mm machine guns launched cross border attack on own Defensive Border outpost at Pogee in Magwi County, Eastem Equatoria State. SSPDF Squad sized force heroically fought to protect territorial integrity of our beloved Country,” said Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong, SSPDF Military Spokesperson.

“However, that small force was outnumbered, outgunned and was temporarily forced to retreat. A hasty counterattack code named “Operation Restore Territorial Integrity of the Republic of South Sudan” was launched to flush out mechanized Units of UPDF. As things stand, SSPDF had regained full control of Poge, reinforced and strengthened own defensive postures along the borders with Uganda.”

Lul confirmed that the incident left two SSPDF soldiers dead and wounded several others on the battlefield.

“The brief clash resulted in own two dedicated servicemen getting killed in action while a third was captured. Reliable intelligence reports indicated UPDF had lost two servicemen as well. UPDF is currently in custody of remains of fallen comrades along with their personal assault rifles.”

“Bilpam had established contacts with UPDF leadership on unprovoked incursion and the later had in turn promised to handover remains of fallen soldiers along with their guns as well as the serviceman taken as PoW. Handingover ceremony is expected to take place in the next few days.”

“SSPDF reiterates commitment to maintenance of cordial relations with UPDF but was saddened by [the] chameleonic behaviors of that army from supposedly sisterly country.”

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