TRUMP: ‘Whoever voted for Biden is no longer human being but a FROG,’

November 5, 2020 (Thessherald)–The US President, Donald J. Trump has lashed out at Joe Biden’s supporters and voters, saying that they are no longer humans but four-legged frogs.

“How dare they count the votes? Stop the counting, counting is for terrorists. We’re going to sue the counters. There are a whole bunch of votes all for the same guy who isn’t me? Coincidence? I don’t think so,” Trump was quoted by The Independent as saying.

Trump claimed that California is part of Brazil and everyone who comes from that city is an alien.

“A lot of these votes are from California, that’s not part of America, it’s in Brazil, their votes don’t count.

“I’ve heard all the people in Wisconsin who voted for Biden, a bad bunch. They weren’t people, they were frogs, they’ve counted the votes of FROGS, this is very bad,” President Trump blasted Biden’s supporters.

He alleged that his votes had been stolen and vanished into thin air.

“My votes have been put on the moon. I know an astronaut, he’s a terrific astronaut, he said he saw them, on the moon, he’s got a telescope, we’re going to investigate. And then I want the World Cup. I won it, the French need to give it back, they kept counting the goals after the game had started, I won it but they stole it, bad French!”

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