EX-SPLA (IO) commander accused of cross-border attacks in CAR

Nov 9, 2020 (Thessherald)–An army commander – formerly allied to the SPLM/A-IO – Maj. Gen. James Nando, has been accused of carrying out a cross-border attack in the Central Africa Republic (CAR).

“Today 08.11.2020 at 6am, the forces loyal to the Former Div 9B commander of Sector 6 SPLA-IO Maj.Gen James Nando who defected early this year on 26.03.2020 to SSPDF crossed into territory of Central Africa Republic and attacked Sheleka in (Bambouti) just 3Km away from Source Yubu West,” said Hon. William Baiki, Executive Director | Office of the Governor.

“The fighting between the defected group and Sheleka occured @6am and lasted for 1hr and half according to the SSPDF and NSS officers in Source Yubu.
Based on the report from NSS and SSPDF in the area, the defected group managed and killed the Executive Director and one of the Colonel in charge of Administration of the Sheleka barracks.”

“The Western Equatoria government is concerned and dismayed by this barbaric act by the negative forces loyal to the former General who defected to the SSPDF early this year.”

The Office of the Governor accused certain officials in the unity of engineering this negative activities in the Equatoria region.

“The State government condemned this act in the strongest terms possible and requesting the national government to question Hon.Jemma Nunu, Hon Patrick Zamoi the former Governor of Tombura defunct State, Juma Baziangungu the SPLM county secretary of Tombura for praising and funding this negative forces loyal to Maj. Gen James Nando in order to disrupting the current State administration under Hon Lt.Gen Alfred Futuyo.”

“Their incursion into Central Africa Republic territory is a national threats which violate the international law. Similarly to that, early this year more than 93 riffles and machine guns were ceased by the NSS security along Tombura-Source Yubu in the house of the paramount chief Amboribamu. Their intention was to carry massive genocide in Western Equatoria.”

“The State government has been in close monitoring of their activities since their defection. In light of the above,the National government should declare Maj.Gen Nando and his sponsors as war mongers in Western Equatoria and should be held accountable for international crimes.”

“The Western Equatoria State government will stand tall and make sure those involved in this attack are expelled and exposed to the National government for further action should South Sudan need peace.”

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