Dear Cde. Peter Tingo, Fmr. Secretary General of the SPLMAIO

Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, senior member of the SPLM-IO |Photo: File

Opinion | By Oyet Nathaniel

Nov 10, 2020 (Thessherald)–The construction of Good State shall require Statesmanship, a mind filled with philosophical ideals for state and nation building. It is not about Dr. Riek Machar, or Salva Kiir is good or bad. It’s never about personality.

There is no amount of frustration and exhaustion that can explain why one shall choose to ignore the fact that The regime; I mean that self perpetuating system that erected itself in our midst between (2005-2020); a system of tribal bigotry that have turn tribes against tribes, region against region; a system enriching few and impoverishing majority; mushrooming unemployment for the few educated young graduates; incompetent civil service; and economic mismanagement, etc.

Dr. John Garang, a round figure and a man of his sets of principles, couldn’t have succeeded in championing a liberation struggle for over 21 years if it were not for extra ordinary enduring qualities, that today appears to be very scarce. God forbid; our country is not sold out to insatiable exploitative bourgeois.

No wonder, South Sudanese in church, civil society and leaders inclusive, hate system (set of principles), rule of law, self disciplines, and norms; you see chaotic traffic jams, chaotic homes and families, chaotic political parties and chaotic governments. This is because the education system, economic system, political system, justice and social system are all corrupted and decayed. They are unable to govern properly.

Defections, defecting, defected, defectors, defects; the most routine and familiar words in government and opposition discourse are but the same word. An offer of materials or wealth, and favors of any kind by him who is responsible for the collapse of state and suffering of millions of South Sudanese stranded both inside and outside the country are short term gains and shall not undo the fact that there is a bigger problem in the country, a problem that cannot be resolved by crisscrossing the political landscape of South Sudan, a problem that is consuming us and our children, that can consume the next generation.

South Sudan is stuck in the past and present. Unable to go forward. Like many Countries around the world, she will come out of her darkness. It takes self sacrifice, dedication and focus. No matter how long it shall take, during our life time or later; as long as nobody shall change the definition and meaning of justice, liberty, equality, freedom, human rights, development etc. Our fore fathers died proclaiming and defending these principles, and they never defected from these principles. Wherever you shall be, in SPLM IG or otherwise, if you truly shall help contribute to building this nation, stand to defend these principles and let them guide your political footsteps.

As you can see, the regime is unable to govern the country. The economy has collapsed, the Security has also collapsed. The failure to implement the agreement, only means the suffering of our people is prolonged and nobody gains.

I wish you farewell and good luck in your endeavors.

Cde. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino

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