Opinion | The kingdom of the Devil will never be united

Opinion | By Rev Karlo Okoy

Read these chapters and verses not to blame anybody
• Exodus 20:3-4,a curse to those who worship wrong gods
• Numbers 25:1-9 where 24000 people died. Because of idol or false god.
• Divided kingdom of Devil or non-Christians governments, Matthew 13:10-17
• Luke 11:17-26 demons occupy non-Christian minds
• 1 Corinthians 5:20 blessed pastors or ambassadors of Jesus Christ, preach without fear.

Dear South, Sudanese blind leaders, and citizens! You still have a long way to suffer. You will never have peace and good economy in these lands of Biblical God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, prophets and the present disciples of Jesus Christ until you destroy all the false gods which are tearing the nations and the economies.

Nguendeing the god of Nuers continued to kill the followers, confused them to kill themselves in Pagak, Uoror, Fanyjak, Bentiu etc. and more than 200’ 000 died

Pan Madhol the god of greater Bar El ghazel continued to confuse its followers, with no holiday, they killed themselves and more than 200’ 000 died.

Nyikang the god of Shilulk continued to confuse its followers and more than 200’000 died

Dengdid the god of greater Jonglei continued to confuse its followers and more than 100’000 died
Nyandid the god of Murle continued to be confused its followers and more than 200.000 died

Nyiadom of Anyuak,, Loyalalal of Latuko, Owira of Acholi and Madi, Ibo of Tennet and Lopit, the cowism of Toposa, Buya, Didinga, Bude of western Euatoria, ,Pita of Bari , Makaism in both nations continued to confuse the nations and economies, currencies will never be blessed nor recover. Usually when God becomes angry because of our bad deeds, Satan implements God’s anger or wrath into action. He is like a vulture who waits for the dead to lie down and eat.

It was Satan with these idol agents that divided Sudan into two in 2011

It was Satan that shut the oil down in February 2012, it was these idol gods that caused the civil wars of 2011 and 2013 in both nations to this day. It is Satan that brings famine, diseases, Sudanese have been ignoring this Biblical God and continued to kill themselves for the last 65 years since British left the country 1956.

They will be continued to have coups, transitional governments, transitional constitutions every year. This is the suffering of these two generations for 70 years. Dear this third generation1 if you don’t destroy these idol gods you will never have peace or enjoy the oil of God within these lands, you need to come to your senses and repent in the name of Jesus the author of life, peace, good health and good economies, otherwise we will continue to be confused and become everlasting refugees or IDPs.

If God gave Moses power to take his people from Egyptian slavery back to their promised lands around 1100 BC, what about me?

Did God not give me the power that brought the Sudanese peace of 2005? Did I not give the book “we are not an island in the Sudan” to many leaders in Juba? Did they read the book? Did I not preach this book in many parts of Juba? Did church leaders listen to me when I gave them homework to tell us why God brought that peace through Nairobi instead of through Khartoum or Juba in the civic engagement Center 2012? Did I not tell them that I am the black Moses? did they believe in Black Moses? Are they not waiting for white Moses to bring another better peace? Can God use a black man? Can God give visions to a black man or woman? Joel 2:28-32

The UN Security Council cannot correct these spiritual mistakes or diseases: .

Can a criminal correct a criminal? Can a thief correct a thief? Can a liar correct a liar? Can a dirty man clean a dirty man? Can a prostitute correct a prostitute? can a sodomy correct a sodomy in Genesis chapter 19? These are things that made Heavenly God angry and sent famine, civil war, protest, and disease like COVID-19 19 in Genesis chapter 19. God will never give peace to those who worship gods outside the Bible.

The writer is a religious leader and author of a book entitled We’re not an Island in the Sudan. He can be reached at karlokolong@gmail.com.

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