National Dialogue wants corruption declared a ‘National Emergency’

South Sudan senior commanders |Photo: Via Facebook

Nov 17, 2020 (Thessherald)–During its third conference held today in the nation’s capital, Juba, the South Sudan National Dialogue called on the government to declare ongoing corruption as a ‘national emergency’.

“We, the 518 delegates, representing 80 counties of South Sudan, eminent persons, political parties, faith-based institutions, civil society, business communities, professional associations and organizations, representatives of organized forces, women and youth organizations, having dialogued in Juba from the 3rdto the 17thof November 2020 at the National Dialogue National Conference, under the chairmanship of Co-Chair, Hon. Angelo Beda,” said the National Dialogue Committee in its communique.

“The National Dialogue Committee having deliberated on the agenda of the Dialogue Conference expresses serious concern about pervasive corruption in South Sudan and calls on the government to consider corruption as a national emergency.”

National Dialogue

On the Economy, the National Dialogue

• Resolves to urge the Government to exert more efforts in stabilizing peace and in restoring macroeconomic stability within the overall framework for sustainable peace, economic growth, and poverty eradication;

• Calls for the diversification of the economy by making agriculture the engine of growth and using oil revenues to fuel this engine through investment in roads, telecommunication and electricity;

• Recommends to the Government that it adopts a clear economic development policy and strategy;

• Resolves to equitably share financial resources between federal and state governments.

• Demands that the government and oil companies immediately address environmental, social and health problems created by oil production;

• Calls for an urgent enactment of an environmental law that mandates environmental and social impact assessment before any development projects are executed;

• Appeals to the government and companies to conduct development activities in line with sustainable development principles so that it does not jeopardize the needs of present and future generations.

• Calls for the establishment of an electronic payroll system in the government institutions;

• Resolves to urge the Government to respect and ensure the independence of the National Revenue Authority (NRA);

• Calls on the Government to modernize gold exploration, mining and processing;

• Recommends to the Government to exert efforts to increase local food production for domestic consumption and export to increase supply of hard currency in the country;

• Appeals to the government to strengthen social safety-net programs through the establishment of cooperatives with the aim of alleviating the cost of living;

• Recommends the empowerment of women and youth through the establishment of microfinance institutions to expand access to credit and promote inclusive growth;

• Demands that the Government establish strategic industries to increase the supply of high value goods and services.

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