Breaking: SPLM/A-IO top commander General Lok Tang resigns

Former SPLM/A-IO commander, General Lok Tang |Photo: File

November 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–A powerful commander allied to the SPLM/A-IO, General Peter Lok Tang, has extended his resignation from the opposition movement with effect from today.

Gen. Lok, who has switched allegiance from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-IO, along with other senior officials, accused Machar of betraying and humiliating his diehard supporters.

“Based on numerous humiliations that had been happening in the SPLM-IO/A IO of Riek Machar, I Gen. Peter Lok Tang Reat and other senior officers from today the 18 of November 2020, denounce our attachment with the SPLM/A I-O of Riek Machar,” said General Peter Lok Tang in a resignation letter extended to Thessherald.

“This information goes to all our people, supporters and everybody that have been with us, we will remain loyal to you day and night, and we reaffirm to you that we will support the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement with all the peace loving South Sudanese.”

“However, it’s worth mentioning that we will stand with any SPLA 1-comrade whose contributions are ignored by Riek Machar and his clique. Other details pertaining the above denouncement will be outlined to you shortly.”

General Lok was one of the top military commanders who fired the first shot before the conflict broke out in the capital, Juba, in mid-December 2013.

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