Drone airstrikes hit capital Mekelle, injured university students

November 19, 2020 (Thessherald)–An Ethiopian government air strike injured many university students on Thursday in the capital of the northern Tigray region, rebel forces said in a Facebook post.

The Facebook post was accompanied by several photos that appeared to show adults with injuries in Mekelle. Reuters was unable to authenticate the photos or reach independent sources for verification because all phone lines and internet to the Tigray region is down, although a few leaders have satellite connections.

The government did not immediately respond to requests for comment although it has previously denied bombing civilian targets.

The airstrike took place around 12:45 pm, the Facebook post said, in the Meles Academy University, where “it resulted in heavy casualties of many university students and other civilians.”

The post said it was the fourth airstrike on Mekelle. The government has previously denied bombing the city center and said it has only attacked military targets on the outskirts.

A two-week-old war between the federal government and the forces of the northern Tigray region has killed hundreds, sent 30,000 refugees into Sudan, and worsened a humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Source: Reuters

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