Pro-government commander Gen. Moses Lokujo attacks SPLM-IO forces

Defiant militia commander, General Moses Lokujo attacks SPLA-IO’s forces in Yei |Photo: File
Defiant militia commander, General Moses Lokujo attacks SPLA-IO’s forces in Yei |Photo: File

Nov 26, 2020 (Thessherald)–A pro-government militia commander, General Moses Lokujo, has been accused of carrying out an attack on opposition forces at their training centers, according to a statement issued by Lam Paul Gabriel, SPLA-IO’s Deputy Military Spokesperson.

The main armed opposition said the recent attack on its forces was a breach of the Permanent Ceasefire and indicated a worse development in a country that has seen a relative calm since 2018.

“This morning the 26/11/2020, at about 6:00am, the defected force of Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo who is now under the command and control of the SSPDF attacked the SPLA-IO component of Protection force for Morota Unified Training Centre, in complete violation of the permanent ceasefire.”

“The attacking force killed one SPLA-IO soldier and wounded two others, while clashes is still ongoing as they planned to overrun the Training Centre.”

The SPLM/A-IO called upon the SSPDF command to monitor the provocations of Maj. Gen. Lokujo against its forces, which are currently undergoing training at designated cantonment areas in the Equatoria region.

“The SPLA-IO leadership calls upon the SSPDF command to restrain Maj. Gen. Lokuj (who is currently under the command and control of the SSPDF), from the continuous aggression against the SPLA-IO forces in the greater Yei area.”

“It should also be noted that the forces in Morota Training Centre are not only SPLA-IO forces but a component of the unified forces under the command and control of the JTSC and JDB. Therefore, attacking this force is not only a violation but a direct attack against the Security Arrangement in particular and the R-ARCSS in general.”

The group urged the CTSAMVM to investigate the recent attack and hold Maj. Gen. Lokujo’s forces responsible for violating the Permanent Ceasefire.

“The SPLA-IO therefore, calls upon the CTSAMVM and JDB to investigate this violation and bring those responsible to book as soon as possible.”

This is the second time that the defiant commander has attempted to push the country into another conflict by attacking opposition forces at their bases.

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