Why is it important for South Sudan to be at peace?

Opinion by Jany Wuol

November 26, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation and the last country on the continent of Africa in terms of developmental projects such as road infrastructure, public amenities, clean water and other essential services important to improving the living standards of the civilian population who were affected by a decade-long civil war during the liberation struggle for Self-determination, which claimed the lives of millions of people from 1955 until the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Naivasha on January 9, 2005, which led to the country’s independence in 2011.

The September 12th 2018 peace agreement known as ‘R-ARCSS’ should be implemented in letter and spirit like the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. South Sudan needs to achieve peace and stability because it has much to do to be recognized as an independent and sovereign state and not just a state that does not fulfill its required obligations.

The country needs peace for the sake of its citizens and the welfare of the people of South Sudan is of the outmost importance – we may lead and gone but the nation will always remain as its until the end of the world comes.

What is being observed in South Sudan is illicit richness where everyone is looking for their own portion, leaving the national roles assigned to them by the constitution. Seeing supreme laws just paper is libellous to the nation and the ignorance of R-ARCSS just an ink put on paper is hypocrisy.

South Sudan’s political leaders should give peace a chance and compromise for the sake of this new generation who has borne the brunt of the conflict as a result of the ongoing violence in the country. Citizens are dying day and night from hunger, unknown gunmen, robbers and diseases due to the lack of peace in this country.

Millions of south Sudanese who had gone for refuge in neighbouring countries are being humiliated in foreign countries. Half of millions of IDPs are still in protection sites in fear of their lives and all these people play very vital role in nation-building.

Our leaders should know that the future belongs to the youth which include their children who at a time can lead this country for the legacies of their parents who did good things for their nation, for instance Uhuru Kenyatta, a son of the former president Mzee Juma Kenyatta who became the first president of republic of Kenya at early age and Raila Amollo Odinga, a son of the first former vice president Jaramoga Odinga who became the former prime minister.

These are legacies that can be remembered by citizens for the good deeds done by their parents.

South Sudan needs peace to eradicate the chronic tribalism, nepotism and corruption which torn our country apart and not only that but also illiteracy is the major problem because most of “Zolkabirs“ in South Sudan are not educated but occupying big offices which supposed to be run by youths, thusly neglected youths for they are being liberators which is the very idea that remain their minds for decades.

South Sudan needs peace for a whole host of reasons

• Traders should provide services to the civil population without fear of their lives because most of traders are being charged, kidnapped, and also killed on their way on the delivery of services

• Farmers should work on their farms to produce enough food to citizens for consumption and improve high fluctuation of prices of commodities in the market. This will have an impact on economic crisis which hits the country.

• Education should be free for citizens and health care units across ten states. Most of Zolkabirs’ children are schooling in diaspora due to lack of education and also went to abroad for medication in abroad due to of sufficiency of drugs and poor health facilities.

• Construction of roads and bridges to improve transportation of good and other services. South Sudan is a land lock country which need good infrastructures for easy movement of goods and services to reach remotes areas.

• Provisional of technical schools and colleges which will equip youths with skills and knowledge to create jobs opportunities and generates incomes which in return as gross income for the country.

South Sudan won’t be at peace if the political leaders priorities their political ambitions rather than prioritizing the need of their citizens and making this country a peaceful nation where everyone will enjoy peace. When we look at the status of the R-ARCSS, it signifies that there’s lack of political will, by parties to the conflict which prolong agonies of citizens.

The use of security personnel by all political parties; the intimidation, kidnapping and torturing of the citizens by those groups depict injustice and lack of freedom of expression. They should know that they will all gone but nation will remain and the generation will take up where one in power leave as a gap and this is how generate comes and goes.

South Sudan is bigger than anyone, hence one should care for his /her legacy that one can be remember for thereafter his/her departure, because we will remain on earth forever our legacies remain forever.

The writer is a South Sudanese youth activist who advocates for Gender Equality. He can be reached via his Email: janywuol@gamil.com

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