EU diplomat describes Abiy Ahmed as a ‘dog’ in sheep’s clothing

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed |Illustration Nicklas Elmehed

Nov 27, 2020 (Thessherald)–Speaking during a plenary debate on the ongoing situation in the Tigray region, a member of the European Parliament, Assita Kanko, has said that the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, the country’s first Novel Peace Prize laureate, has become a wolf in sheep’s clothing and must be stripped of his award as a punishment for plunging the country into turmoil.

The top European Union official stressed that the Ethiopian leader, Abiy, is no longer a symbol of peace and unity in Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa, but rather a dictator who wants to cling to power by means of violence.

“The situation in Ethiopia is urgent, the country’s grip on peace is slipping with every passing day. Its leader, Abiy Ahmed, has a Nobel Peace Prize but he is refusing to pursue peace in his own country, I believe he should give that back. He is being a ‘wolf‘ in sheep’s clothing, a reformer turned authoritarian.”

Kanko explains that the situation in the Tigray region has gone from bad to worse with disturbing reports of ethnic profiling, lack of access to basic services since the government shut down telecoms, internet, banks and blew up electricity in the capital, Mekelle.

“In the Tigray region, hundreds are already dead with ethnic targeted violence and serious violations of human rights. Buildings and homes are shelled and roads are blocked to humanitarian assistance. There are no telecoms, no internet or electricity and millions face the threat of famine in a country once was a stabilizing factor and influence in a fragile region and a pivotal force in the fight against Islamic terrorism.”

She pointed out that if the situation is not ended urgently by imposing an internationally mediated peace, it would lead to a catastrophic humanitarian situation that will end up forcing hundreds of Ethiopians to make their way to Europe.

“Tens of thousands of Ethiopians now cross the border to Eastern Sudan, seeking safety. Progress and development in Ethiopia was hard-won. We must do all we can to prevent that progress from being lost forever. A looming civil war could destabilise the whole region and trigger another humanitarian crisis that could reach the shores of Europe.”

“We must continue to call for international meditation and a ceasefire, as you have done this week Mr. Borrell. But I would also stress that rarely does a crocodile yield to the roar of a toothless tiger.”

Adding that, “The European Union provides large amounts of development assistance to Ethiopia, and we should consider using this and all available leverages to help de-escalate the conflict in the Tigray region. Time is running out to salvage the situation and forge a path to free, fair and transparent elections and ultimately to democracy.“

“Nothing short of our most determined and resolute efforts is needed,” she added.

Since last week, the international community has expressed grave concern after the federal government announced that there will be a tank-to-tank battle inside the capital, Mekelle, with thousands of people have been trapped without escape routes.

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