PM Abiy ramps down military operations after capturing Mekelle

ENDF captures the capital, Mekelle from the TPLF |Photo: File

Nov 28, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed has announced that the Ethiopian National Defense Force will now scale down ‘main’ military operations in the Tigray region after seizing the capital, Mekelle.

“The Federal government is now fully in control of the city of Mekelle. With full command of the regional capital, this marks the completion of the ENDF’s last phase [operation],” Abiy announced this evening.”

Abiy pointed out that the federal police forces will now continue with a specific law enforcement operation and hunt down the TPLF leaders in their hideouts.

“Federal police will now continue their task of apprehending TPLF criminals and bring them to the court of law.”

He further claimed that his forces, after engaging in fierce fighting with the TPLF forces, had rescued thousands of soldiers held as hostages for weeks.

“The ENDF has thus far managed to secure the release of thousands of Northern Command officers held hostage by TPLF Secured the Northern Command camp Take control of the airport, public institutions, the Regional administration office and other critical facilities.”

“The main operation is successfully concluded,” the Ethiopian leader declared.

He also said that the ENDF inflicted no casualties on the civilian population, a claim that could not be easily verify as the other side to the conflict remains unreasonable.

“The ENDF undertake the operation with precision and due care for citizens ensuring civilians are not targeted The people of the Tigray Region have provided utmost support and cooperation to the Ethiopian National Defense Force in all corners.”

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