Latest: SPLM-IO accused of Intellectual Property Theft

Members of the SPLM-IO singing the National Anthem at the opening of the 6th SPLM-IO National Conference on December 1, 2020 |Photo: Via Facebook

December 2, 2020 (Thessherald)–The People’s Alliance Movement (PAM) has accused the SPLM-IO of practicing Intellectual Property Theft by stealing and using navy-blue as its new official party color.

“People’s Alliance Movement (PAM) is committed to political integrity in all its forms since it was founded on the 25th of August 2018. It is the backbone that create[e] mutual respect between the parties and wins trust from the citizens,” the group said in a statement.

The SPLM-IO party’s color (navy-blue) was unveiled recently at the Sixth National Conference of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In-Opposition (SPLM-IO), which is currently being held in the capital, Juba.

The little-known opposition group expressed shock at the Intellectual Property Piracy, and said the action sparked anger among its members.

“It is with utter dismay and shock that we write this press release to the public regarding the crude theft of our party’s official colour Navy-blue by the SPLM-IO during their 6th National Conference in Juba. This breach of intellectual property did not only violate the South Sudan political parties Act on use of emblems and colours but also caused anger and outrage amongst our members.”

Official logo of the People’s Alliance Movement |© PAM

The leadership of the People’s Alliance Movement (PAM) criticized the main armed opposition group for its lack of creativity.

“In the previous weeks, we have seen SPLM-IO launching the green colour as their official symbol but yet again decided to confuse the public by using two colours in their conference. This is not the first time that SPLM-IO is seen to be doing counterfeit. Since from the onset of the 2013 political crises, the group went ahead to use the SPLM/A names and logos, an act seen as lack of creativity on their leadership side.”

“Our party holds dear the values that democracy brings. Democracy which encourages multi-party system in a nation relies on symbols to promote uniqueness of every party.”

“We want to reiterate this to the SPLM-IO that, as the parties continue to implement the R-ARCSS and, with transition from Military politics to the party politics, its highly imperative to observe how the political parties work. SPLM-IO cannot continue to shout on top of their voices about the reform agenda when the party is unable to provide alternative in what distinguishes them from other political parties.”

Caps and T-shirts belonging to members and supporters of the PAM |© PAM

“We call on the SPLM-IO to act straight and stop joy-riding and be creative. We do not care about their cheap tribal popularity and militarized politics but about respecting the values on which parties are formed.”

“We further call upon SPLM-IO to immediately cease from wearing our party’s navy blue colour in their public political gatherings,” said Chuot Makur Chuot, Secretary-General of PAM.

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