Hon. Paul Mayom Akec on monstrous campaign for Presidency

Opinion | By Cde Deng Atak Akucwel.

Dec 7, 2020 (Thessherald)–Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is on roller-coaster campaign to replace his boss General Salva Kiir Mayardit comes geneal elections or before. He employed confusional theory to penetrate and dislocate high command in his sucession political strategy. His conviction in ascending to power/presidency is that one MUST have both soft and hard powers.

When he was appointed as Minister for Trade and Industry, Ministry’s monthly remittances of 40,000,000 ssp to treasury became issue of the pass instead money ended up in his personal account until he was fired and reassigned to Interior docket. As Minister of Interior, he felt this is never-come back opportunity in realisation of his dream of attaining both soft and hard powers. He is brutally siphoning out money using fake business companies of his sons where multi-million dollar contracts are being ghostly delivered and payment ordered to treasury. He managed to corruptly disbursed 470,000,000 ssp meant for disarmament in Bhar El Ghazal for his presidential campaign. Strategic deployment of trusted officers is taking place for smooth implementation of his agenda.

On 19th October, 2020, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec dispatched team of young men led by Machar Mayuen to Rumbek purposely to meet with chiefs of Aliam-toc. This team was equipped and loaded with cash of 30,000,000 ssp plus 50 fairs of Kaunda suits to be distributed to chiefs. Highest escourt of about 6 armed bodyguards from NSS division left with them from Juba and additional force by Governor was given to them through instructions of Interior Minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec for mission to village called Maleng-Agok.

In the first meeting in Maleng-Agok, declaration was made by team leader Mr. Machar Mayuen to chiefs that lets stand with your son Hon. Paul Mayom Akec in his quest for top leadership of this country in present of Gov. Makur Kulang Liei. Invited Chiefs didn’t go down well with it and commotion almost ensued and luckily Governor Makur Kuland intervened and calm down situation. Chiefs even threaten to return gifts that were given to them by Hon. Paul Mayom Akec to his prophet of doom Ambassador Mr. Machar Mayuen. On 2nd, Dec, 2020, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec sent 6,000,000 ssp to one of his presidential grassroot campaign managers name withheld through Ivory Bank in Rumbek. This amount meant for chiefs that didnt benefited in first trip headed by Machar Mayuen.

“Absolute power corrupt absolutely” Machaivaili. When Hon. Paul Mayom Akec appointed to Ministry of Interior, he corruptly ordered directors of custom and Immigration to mobalised 5 million dallors for him. He bought mansion near Panaroma Hotel next to Logali House at cost of 3 million dollar and bullet-proof V8 at cost of 200,000 dollars while rest to his account. As we speak, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is in court over recently bought house worth 3 million dollars. Owner of house came up and helplessly Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is battling with case that will attract highest public interest in this country.

For diversion of public attention from his presidential ambition, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec recruited group of young men to publicly tarnish imagine of Hon. Nhail Deng Nhail using medium of social media and at tea places. Hon. Paul Mayom Akec sought Hon. Nhial Deng Nhail to account for the attacks in terms of a conspiracy theory. This group of young men includes but not limited to; Machar Mayuen, Deng Mayom Akec, his son and Marier Mading from GIB finance department.

They are on financial hiring to massacre great reputation of Hon. Nhail Deng Nhail. Marier Mading from GIB finance department is chief administrator of 64 tribes and source privy to this classified information leaked to our intelligent network that this young man is behind publications of dirty articles against leaders in 64tribes. For your information Mr. Marier Mading soonest, you will face wrath of justice and never shall your masters come for your rescue. Ongoing political bickering and brinkmanship which dominates social media eminates from this group. Sole purpose of Hon. Paul Mayom hiring these young men is to tricker revolt within Warrap with end goal of tearing their political, social and economic cohesion.This is pure ploy of shifting focus of public to wrong person in name of Hon. Nhail Deng Nhail.

These malicious activities are being co-funded by corrupt former police Maj. General who was retired from SSNPS because of corruption by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in person of Maj. Gen. Simon Majur Pabek. In 2018, Maj. Gen. Simon Majur Pabek ordered girl by name Adhieu Mading at gun point to have forceful marital affair with him unfortunately he ended up in jail because the love went sour. Now, given his thirty for corruption which earned him such youthful retirement from SSNPS active service, Maj. Gen. Simon Majur Pabek currently is a frustrated man mingling with sots in bars and hooking up with many prostitutes of no human worthiness. Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is on emotional roller-coaster and meeting him with salutation of him being future president of South Sudan earns any visitor 2,000,000 ssp. This presidential madness made him indiscriminately fighting with any diehard or mere supporter of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

In conclusion, Hon. Paul Mayom Akec in 2001 whispered to late Gen. Deng Aluk, ( R.I.P) that never develop anyone either politically or economically. This school of though is what Hon. Paul Mayom Akec is implementing and Agaar sons and daughters are victims of this bad school of thought. Lets not make mistake that this ruthless old man can developed neither support anybody apart from his sons and daughters.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached via email: dengatak@gmail.com

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