Why Goc Akot Atem is an innocent victim of proxy media war

A response to the allegations concocted against him in the open letter of Concerned Youth

Goc Akot Atem| Photo: Courtesy of the writer

By Deng Rialdit Akook

Dec 8, 2020 (Thessherald)–Opinion | It was last week when a group of hopeless, disgruntled and hunger traumatized youths who proclaimed themselves to be representatives of ten states and three administrative areas rushed to the social media with a fake open letter to the president of the Republic of South Sudan, calling for the urgent dismissal of Deng Wal, Goc Akot Atem and Eng. Akol Santo Arech.

In their open letter to the president, The unknown thirteen proclaimed representatives of ten states and three administrative areas under of the name of non existing Concerned Youth, levelled baseless allegations against a kind hearted potential man Cde Goc Akot Atem.

The self imposed representatives in their open letter accused Cde Goc Akot of donating over 50 cars mostly V8 and premios to his home boys of Awan Pajok, exposing himself to the public as a presidential waiter, turning himself into a millionaire and politician, buying of quarter of juba City luxurious buildings, and so many unfounded allegations.

Before I respond to the above allegations fabricated against a respected and kind potential youth Cde Goc Akot, I would like to bring into the attention of the youth of South Sudan that there is no association or union called ” Concerned Youth of Ten States and Three Administrative Areas”. The only legitimate body that represents the youth at the state level is the State Youth Union. The Concerned Youth of Ten States and Three Administrative Areas was created by the desperate lobbyists who are lobbying for various positions in the presidency.

The thirteen names of the individuals who claimed to be representatives of Concerned youth are all fake and all those thirteen names seemed to be the names of people who died 1000 years ago. The thirteen names were just coined by two to three individuals at the tea places of Juba City and then put in to the white paper. To prove this, the thirteen signatures of the so called representatives look alike and same. This means it was one individual who signed on behalf of those coined names.

Coming back to the unfounded allegations levelled against Cde Goc Akot Atem by the non existing representatives of Concerned Youth. The unknown and non existing thirteen individuals accused Cde Goc Akot of distributing over 50 cars mostly V8 and premios to his homeboys of Awan Pajok Community. Dear readers, Cde Goc has no personal vehicle leave alone distributing cars to the people.. He is currently using a government car for his personal mobility because he lacks money to purchase for himself a private vehicle. How can a man who uses government vehicle as his personal mobility manage to donate 50 cars?. It is clear that this allegation was concocted in order to mislead the South Sudanese in the social media. The mere allegation of exposing himself to the public as a presidential waiter is a pure lie and it is groundless. Cde Goc Akot is not a waiter in the presidency. The fake thirteen representatives of non existing Concerned Youth don’t know his position in the presidency and they were gambling in order to confuse the public in the social media.

In that same open, the enemies under the disguise name of Concerned Youth accused Cde Goc Akot of purchasing quarter of Juba City buildings. They went further to claim that he is in negotiations with owners of various hotels in an attempt to buy those hotels. To be frank you, Cde Goc Akot doesn’t own any luxurious buildings in juba City with exception of his personal house. He doesn’t have enough money to buy an empty plot in first class residence leave alone buying expensive mansions. If Cde Goc has such luxurious buildings in Juba as claimed by the enemies of progress, why is he residing in a very local house?.

In addition, he never asked the buying price of any hotel in his life. This allegation was fabricated and it holds no water in the mind of intellectuals. The allegation of turning himself into a politician and millionaire is a pure lie with no evidence to support it. Cde Goc Akot doesn’t have any interest to be a politician and he has never commented or participated in any political activities. Attending social gathering doesn’t mean a person is a politician. Cde Goc sometimes attends social gathering organize by various communities in his capacity as an ordinary citizen of South Sudan. In addition to that, being a millionaire is neither claimed nor easy.

“How can a man who lacks a private car be called a millionaire?”

In conclusion, all the allegations invented against Cde Goc Akot Atem in the incendiary open letter entitled ” A joint open letter from concerned youth of ten states and three administrative areas to President Salva Kiir Mayardit” are baseless and rubbish. The allegations were manufactured by the enemies of progress with a clear intention of tarnishing the good image of a humble and kind hearted gentleman Cde Goc Akot.

The authors of the open letter are desperate lobbyists who are trying by all means to find way into the presidency through writing deformatory articles against hard-working staff like Cde Goc Akot Atem.. Therefore, I am urging the South Sudanese in the social media to disregard whatever was written against Cde Goc Akot and throw it into dustbin.

The writer is an activist Senior and can be reached via email: damosipdeng@gmail.com or number: 0914606064

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