UNKEA distributes female goats to vulnerable elderly in Ulang County

Vulnerable elderly pose for a group picture after receiving their female-goats |© UNKEA

Dec 11, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Universal for Knowledge & Empowerment Agency, a local organization operating in South Sudan, has spared no effort in its endeavor to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in order to overcome these ongoing challenges facing them.

On Thursday, the organization announced that it had begun distributing hundreds of nanny-goats to vulnerable elderly people in in Ulang County, Upper Nile State.

“UNKEA is distributing she-goats to the identified vulnerable in Rublet Area, Ulang County,” said an UNKEA staff in a brief statement on social media.

Last month, UNKEA undertook a cash distribution initiative in flood-affected areas in an effort to meet the needs of vulnerable people, including access to food, healthcare and shelter.

South Sudan, despite having achieved peace, continues to face many challenges with economic collapse being the most difficult problem affecting vulnerable populations across the country.

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