On the unfortunate death of late Telar Ring Deng

The late Telar Ring Deng |Photo: File

Opinion |By Mary Nyibol Maker

Dear members, brothers and sisters,

Please allow me to wholeheartedly acknowledge and validate the emotions and feelings that are quite heightened now at the unfortunate, sudden death of our icon, late honorable Telar Ring Deng. I personally was in shock yesterday when a good friend messaged me about it. I immediately rang my uncle to confirm and to know the cause of his demise. I was heartbroken.

I recently came to know late uncle Telar a lot through my maternal uncle who would mention him (late) a lot. I may never have had personal conversations with him but hearing about him every now and then from my uncle brought him closer to my heart and loved him like my own uncle.

Late uncle Telar has a vast experience in all his fields of work, has great personal characteristics that majority admired. He not only made his immediate family proud but us all as South Sudanese as held triumphant through his role as an ambassador to Russia.

I just want to sincerely and wholeheartedly acknowledge pain that we are all going through now. I am sending my heartfelt condolences to his immediate family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

May his beautiful soul rest in paradise!

We will miss him and the more work he would’ve done to our country and people. But we shall let him rest and promise to carry on the good fight that he had commenced.

He surely died a hero and a man for humanity. He was very honest as he admitted a pandemic that befell the whole world, but one that our countrymen perceived as a self made disease by hiding it from the public, hence, innocent civilians ended up being victims of our own failures.

Our late uncle also cautioned people and advised people to practice Covid-19 safe guidelines. What man has done that before? I salute you uncle.

It’s painful that you left before genuine peace was attained in the country but those with a heart like yours will not rest until it is restored! We will never forget you. Go in peace and we love you and will always remember you.

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