“South Sudan is by far better than India”, Amir Ali explains

Amir Awad Ali, a 60-year-old woman known for hate-mongering on social media, claims that South Sudan, regardless of external perceptions, is much better than India in terms of development and food security.

“South Sudan is much better than India,” said Amir in a Facebook show shared live on Tuesday.

In 2017, the former Secretary-General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, Pagan Amum Okiech, filed a lawsuit against Amir Ali, over hate speech and defamation on social media.

Amum also criticized Facebook for allowing hate speech to flourish on its platform without tough restrictions.

“It ceased to become free speech and becomes hate speech when the content is inciting violence, is demonizing and dehumanizing persons for whatever reason they aim,” Amum said.

Amum was accused of committing rape and murder, a baseless charge—that he emphatically denied in the court.

South Sudan’s conflict has broken down largely on tribal lines, with opponents of President Salva Kiir accusing him of trying to concentrate power and property in the hands of his Dinka tribe.

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