Peace delegates risk eviction from hotels for welshing on $10mln debt

Presidential Advisor on Affairs Tut Gatluak Manime sees of President Salva Kiir Mayardit at Juba International Airport |Photo: File
By Buay Kapduel 

Members of the business community have issued a notice letter to the head of the National Pre-Transition Committee, Tut Gatluak Manime, asking him to pay off a whopping $10 million in arrears or else his clients may be evicted from hotels.

“Dear Client: In reference to our final notice letters dated November 2, 2020 and November 3d. 2020 respectively regarding hotels’ arrears, it is very clear that our hotels/ apartments’ offices had clearly informed your Office of the Chairperson af National Transitional Committee (NTC) and or Presidential Advisor For Security Affairs on demands of the accommodation arrears that had accrued and still accruing to or above 10 million USD without plan(s) for payment.”

In a letter signed by 10 representatives, the business community requests the Chair of the NPTC to live up to his promise and pay the remaining balance in due course.

“Sir, it seems that your office is not responding to our requests for settlement of our past due accounts since 2019 to present date; indeed, we in the business community want to inform your office that we have responsibilities to workers and as well as to other credits we owe to other business communities in the market. Therefore, we strongly urge your honorable office to settle our accounts as soon as possible so that we are able to clear our business responsibilities in the New Year 2021.”

The group issues a five-day warning notice to the Chairman of the National Pre-Transitional Committee to remit the outstanding $10 million into accounts in the next five days or relocate his guests from accommodation hotels.

“Last but not least, we are again giving your honorable office final notice of five (5) days to relocate your clients from our accommodation hotels & apartments for normal businesses or pay in advance for their further accommodation services, Please, kindly accept assurance of our highest cooperation in this matter.”

Since the signing of the peace agreement, peace delegates have been accommodated —on credit — in hotel apartments despite numerous calls for payments by members of the business community.

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