Latest: China opens women’s health center in Juba

A woman undergoing an operation at Chinese Cervical Disease Center |Photo: Chinese Embassy

The Chinese government has established a Cervical Disease Screening Center in the capital, Juba, which will play an important role in improving women’s physical and reproductive health.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Juba, the Cervical Disease Screening Center can carry out cervical liquid-based thin-layer cell testing (TCT), colposcopy, cervical microwave therapy, LEEP surgery and other inspections and treatments.

The embassy noted that about three hundred women have undergone extensive screening and treatment since the hospital began operating earlier this month.

“The first Cervical disease screening center has been established by China Medical Team in South Sudan. Since the Cervical Screening Center came into service at Juba Teaching Hospital in November 2, 2020, more than 300 patients have been screened and treated at the center, including Cervical microwave therapy, Colposcopy, Scratching in the cervical canal.”

“The occurrence and development of cervical disease is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, and from gradual change to mutation. Generally, it takes 10-15 years to develop from cervical intraepithelial lesion to invasive cancer. How to prevent the occurrence and development of cervical cancer is the main job of our cervical disease screening center.”

“Early screening, early detection and early treatment are very important. The establishment of the center aims to raise African women’s awareness of how to protect themselves from cervical diseases.”

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