Maiwut’s senior officials reject James Ochan’s re-deployment

High-ranking officials from defunct Maiwut state |Photo: File

Top government officials from defunct Maiwut state have penned a letter to President Salva Kiir Mayardit, asking him to reconsider the recent assignment of James Ochan Puot as head of the Integrated Forces in Maiwut County.

In a letter obtained by the media on Sunday, the senior officials urged the President to halt the recently planned re-deployment of Maj. Gen. James Ochan Puot — until an alternative solution is found.

“The deployment of para-military forces in Maiwut is dangerous to our Communities living in and around Maiwut and also entail the invisible programs that our government may not want to share with sons and daughters of Maiwut that we will definitely be against should that happen,” the group said in a statement.

The group pointed an accusing finger at James Ochan as a warmonger who chose violence over peace and unity.

Among those who wrote the petition letter are:

1) Maj. Gen. Bol Ruach Rom, former Governor of the now-defunct Maiwut state;

2) Maj. Gen. Gatluak Riek Jack, former commissioner of Maiwut county;

3) Brig. Gen. Daniel Gatbel Kuach, a high-ranking officer in the former PMPC.

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