Episcopal leadership condemns harassment of its clergy in Jonglei State

In response to the different information circulating on social media and some media houses.

Rev. Gabriel Thuch Agoth and security personnel at Bor Airstrip |Photo: Unknown

Press release

I hereby give this clarification: —Two ECSS Bishops: Rt. Revered Gabriel Thuch Agoth of Diocese of Kongor and Rt. Revered Zechariah Manyok Biar of Diocese of Wanglei Travelled to Bor on Saturday January 23, 2021 by a plane and landed at about 9:00am in the morning.

The purpose of their going was a pastoral visit to their congregations who are currently displaced by flood in Bor town. On arrival at the airstrip, they were immediately told by the security to return back into the aircraft that took them to Bor, citing their safety as the reason behind the decision. The two Bishops refused to go back into the aircraft, arguing that they did not understand the reason why they should go back to Juba.

The aircraft left without them. Later they were brought back on a vehicle to Juba. This is the third of such incident that has happened to ECSS bishops in Bor town. The first was an incident in which ECSS youths were shot at by police officers while practicing their song in the parish of Lang Bar B injuring two youths on December 20, 2020 and nothing was done to those policemen.

The second is that the Archbishop-elect Moses Anur Ayom and Bishop Commissary of Bor Diocese Rev’d John Panchol Kon went to Bor to celebrate Christmas with the Christians. The state officials ordered them to come back to Juba on December 23, 2020 where they are still staying in what seems to be house arrest without any clear explanation from the State Government.

We do not know why the ECSS workers are targeted as if as they are not citizens of Jonglei State. It remains unclear whether those state officials are acting individually or on behalf of the State government.

Manyang Gabriel Kon | Episcopal Church of South Sudan Communication officer.

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