Labour Ministry gives directives in adherence to new time zone

Document issued by the Ministry of Labour instructing government officials, NGOs and other workers to comply with the new time zone |Photo: shared on Facebook

As the country prepares to change its time zone from East African Time (EAT) to Central African Time (CAT), the Ministry of Labor has announced that, starting Monday, the official time will be set backwards by one hour, from UTC +3 to UTC +2.

“The National Ministry of Labour hereby informs all the Civil Service Institutions, Commissions, Diplomatic Missions, UN Agencies, International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) and the Public at large that South Sudan has changed its official time from UTC + 3 to UTC +2 which is based on South Sudan’s real location on the globe.”

“This means that the current time will be Subject: Change of Official Time for South Sudan set back by one hour, the current 1:00 AM will be set to 00:00 AM, effective from 1* February 2021. Working hours will remain the same starting 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All are kindly requested to observe the new time.”

Central Africa Time (CAT) is currently observed by a number of countries in Africa, including:

• Botswana
• Burundi
• Eastern region of the Congo Democratic Republic
• Malawi
• Mozambique
• Rwanda
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe

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