Makuei denies corruption ranking, terms watchdog groups as blood-suckers

Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister of Information addresses the press after the African Union heads of state and government summit held in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa |Photo: File

In response to the latest corruption classification released by Transparency International, Information Minister Michael Makuei says that corruption has become rampant everywhere in the world, even in the United States and Germany.

“Even America and Germany are corrupt,” said Michael Makuei in an interview with Sudans Post.

He accused Western watchdogs of making millions of dollars and profiteering from conflicts. “These are people who write like that so that they earn their living on our blood.”

On Thursday, the Berlin-based investigative body released its annual report on corruption perceptions, ranking South Sudan and Somalia as the most corrupt countries in the world, scoring 12 points out of 100.

“Yes. I don’t deny that there is [no] corruption in South Sudan like other countries, but it is not the most corrupt,” Makuei said in an interview this morning.

Makuei admitted that there are corruption cases in South Sudan, like any other country around the world.

“Yes, South Sudan as I said early like other countries, even America is corrupt. There is corruption even in America, even in Germany. So we can’t deny that there is corruption in South Sudan but to rank it as the most corrupt country is unacceptable,” he said.

The South Sudanese Minister of Information, who is also the government’s spokesperson, accused Transparency International and other researchers of making up baseless and nonfactual reports without supporting evidence.

“These NGOs and UN Agencies are the most corrupt and their reports are based on what. So I don’t really believe these are genuine reports. After all, it is after studying the corrupt countries all over the world and then you begin to rank them. Do they make that or they reach their conclusion,” he wondered.

South Sudan slipped into conflict in 2013, and has been ranked first on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world, since 2019.

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