Breaking: Lou-Nuer intellectuals, top commanders abandon Machar

Intellectuals and top military commanders abandon Dr. Riek Machar, citing being used a human shield |Photo: © Thessherald

Declaration of Breaking Away of Lou Nuer from SPLM-IO

This is to inform the public and peace partners that, we the Community of Lou Nuer, do hereby declare our breaking away from SPLA/M-IO of Dr. Riek Machar due to the reasons cited below. We are not against the peace process. We are also ready to negotiate with anybody as an independent entity.

• Dr. Riek, the so-called Chairman, a title that he enjoys so much even when he is asleep, used Lou Nuer Community as his human shield during all his useless, baseless, aimless wars but dumps them after achieving his objective. All Lou Nuer members should recall with tears the loss of their sons in 1991, however, during integration of his forces back to SPLA in 2002 most of them were left out, thanks to Late Paulino Matip Nhial who did full integration in 2005.

• Under representation of Lou Nuer at state and national level and also in military structures, for example the sidelining of the Chief of Staff and the IGP.

• There is no single cantonment site in Lou Area whereas it was the SPLA/M-I0 stronghold. All Lou fighters were scattered to various cantonment areas.

• During the war, SPLA/M-10 incurred loans from Nuer businessmen, however, when peace was signed and the opposition came to Juba, Dr. Riek refunded all the other traders except those who hail from Lou Community.

• Over the last eight years, Dr. Riek has been verbally promoting white army from Lou Nuer to various military ranks while secretly instructing his security chiefs who are also his cousins not to allow them to wear their ranks or have their names recorded in the SPLA-IO Dam Records. He is just using Lou Nuer White Army to fight his wars and later abandons them.

• Dr. Riek’s poor administration has caused more death in Nuerland as evidenced in Maiwut where he appointed someone from Fangak to be the Commissioner. He also created division in Nasir and Panyijar areas. The same situation almost happened in Akobo.

• Dr. Riek doesn’t help any Lou Nuer member seeking medical assistance. He only contributes for the taking of dead bodies for burial.

• Dr. Riek has weakened Lou Nuer leaders and politicians by undermining their constituencies control and representation. He also doesn’t like Lou Nuer Community to live in a peaceful co- existence with our brothers in Gawaar, Jikany, Dinka Ngok of Bailiet, Dinka of Duk, Dinka of Atar, Anyuak and Murle.

• Dr. Riek and his wife continue to sideline our prominent son who is the SPLA-I0 Chief of General Staff, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, and other capable sons of Lou Nuer like Gen. Moses Chot Riek, Gen. Mabor Dhol.

• From the onset of 2013 war, Lou Nuer sons and daughters both in diaspora and in the field fully participated politically and militarily. After the war ended, he gave all key positions to his close relatives who were enjoying in diaspora and East Africa but knew nothing about the pain and suffering of our people for the last seven years of this war.

Such appointments of relatives include but not limited to, the appointment of his wife, Angelina Teny, as Minister of Defence, in-law Puot Kang Chol, as Minister of Petroleum, cousin Dheling Keah as the head of Military Intelligence, Cousin Yiey Dak Wie, as Director General for National Security plus others.

• In any community there are elders and leaders to be followed for guidance and advice. Dr. Riek Machar wanted to use Lou Nuer and betrayed their leaders and elders. For example, Lt. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, the only Lou Nuer son who is the most senior officer in SPLA-IO has now been abandoned.

Based on the above accounts of our sad realities, suffering, humiliation, exploitation within the SPLM-10, we, the undersigned senior officials, army officers, white army leaders, chiefs, women and youth leaders would like to make it clear from today that we have sat, analyzed the current situation and agreed to break away from SPLM-IO of Dr. Riek Machar.

All sons and daughters of Lou Nuer in uniform, White Army, politicians, chiefs and including those in diaspora, should remain calm until the outcome of the meeting. Lou Nuer Community shall convene a conference in Lou area on the date to be announced.

We shall ensure that all Lou Nuer sons and daughters in uniform and White Army in greater Lou-land as well as those in Diaspora are equally served in a dignified way and their contributions are recognized.


• Hon. Jamuth Yuot Dak: Former Commissioner of Akobo East County, Bieh State under SPLM-IO

• 2. Hon. Koryom Turuk Koryom: Former Chairperson of Investment Commission, Bieh State under SPLM-IO
• 3. Maj. Gen. John Jock Giek
• 4. Brig. Gen. Gatkuoth Chuol Nyinyar
• 5. Brig. Gen. Kok Wechtuor Mok
• 6. Brig. Gen. John Jock Kuon
• 7. Brig. Gen. Gatkhor Wanjang Tung
• 8. Col. Ngony Kich Chan
• 9. Col. Gatwech Guol Garang
• 10.Lt. Col. Gatwech Tot Thot Dinay
• 11. Maj. Yoal Bol Khan
• 12. Puok Nyuon Nying, Head Chief of Nyirol
• 13. Majok Tot Nyuon, Head Chief of Uror
• 14. Gatwech Kon Reath, Head Chief of Diror
• 15. Yien Biel Both, Head Chief of Wejal
• 16. Tuong Yak Tharjeith, Head Chief of Walgak

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