Breaking: South Sudan finally changes its time zone

South Sudan has finally switched to a new time zone after the information minister, Michael Makuei officially set the clock one hour back on Sunday night.

The world’s youngest nation migrated from East African Time (EAT) to Central African Time (CAT) which is observed by a number of countries in Africa, including:

• Burundi
• Malawi
• Mozambiqu
e, among others.

The council of ministers endorsed changing the country’s time zone two weeks ago.
The new time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

The Ministry of Labor on Thursday issued a circular informing workers of the change.

According to the ministry, the changing of time will not affect the working hours of both public and private sector workers.

“The National Ministry of Labour hereby informs all the Civil Service Institutions, Commissions, Diplomatic Missions, UN Agencies, International and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) and the Public at large that South Sudan has changed its official time from UTC + 3 to UTC +2 which is based on South Sudan’s real location on the globe.”

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