Kiir urged to fire NILEPET Director Eng. Bol Ring over corruption, nepotism

Current Managing Director of the Nile Petroleum Corporation, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel |Photo: File

A group of whistleblowers, South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum (SSACF) has called on President Salva Kiir to fire the Managing Director of the state-owned NILEPET, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel over rampant corruption and nepotism.

In an open letter addressed to President Kiir, the group exposed widespread misappropriation and nepotism in the Nile Petroleum Corporation Company under the leadership of Mr. Bol Ring.

“Your Excellency [President Salva], South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum would like to bring to your attention the malpractices that are taking place in Nile Petroleum Corporation under the leadership of Eng. Ring Muorwel. “Bol is an hyena in sheep’s clothing.” Our leadership is fully aware of Bol’s plan to loot the Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd under the cover of reform.

“We think that it is our responsibility to enlighten you on the massive looting of public resources by the managing director of Nilepet,” the group said in a press statement extended to Thessherald.

“Nilepet Petroleum Corporation Ltd is a national oil company that has a well defined human resource policies entrusted with the recruitment of staffs. The Human Resource Department in Nilepet was functional at the time of the previous Managing Directors. Unfortunately, the roles and duties of human resource department were recently hijacked by the incumbent Nilepet MD Bol Ring through his Nephew Ring Charles Mayen. Upon taking over the roles of Managing Director, Bol Ring began implementing his vision of employing all the members of his Padhieu Clan as well as In laws.

“In less than two weeks in office, he [Bol Ring] recruited more than 70 members of his clan ( Padhieu) together with in-laws. To elaborate on this point. Bol Ring brought in more than 30 relatives from the Village (Wunrock) and employed them in high grades probably from grade sixteen to eighteen. Many of his relatives whom he employed are unqualified. After giving them contracts, he assigned all of them in key and luxurious departments in Nilepet. The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum compiled all the seventy names of Padhieu Clan members who were recruited into Nilepet by Bol Ring.”

Established under Section 13 (1) of the Petroleum Act 2012, the Nile Petroleum Corporation is charged with overseeing activities in the country’s oil sector and aims to fully control oil production by 2027.

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