Mother of a child born with imperforate anus appeals for assistance

A single mother, whose baby was born with an anal malformation also known as imperforate anus, has appealed to the public to contribute approximately 70,000 SSP needed as medical bills.

The mother, who lives in a suburb of Juba, says she had difficulty caring for the disabled child on her own as there was no free medical intervention from nearby hospitals.

South Sudan’s conflict, which first erupted in mid-December 2013, has posed a major threat to the health sector, leaving millions of people vulnerable in the country.

More details on SSBC:

What causes an imperforate anus in children?

Imperforate anus occurs when the anal opening is absent or not in a normal position. It is a birth defect caused by the failure of normal development of the anal area. Sometimes a fistula (abnormal passage) is present between the bowel and the vagina in girls, or between the bowel and the urinary tract in boys.

There are three types of imperforate anus:

• High type – no anal opening is present and the rectum ends above the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis (hip bones). These children may have a fistula.

• Intermediate type – the end of the rectum and anal canal extend through the muscle at the bottom of the pelvis. These children may have a fistula.

• Low type – the rectum ends below the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis. There is often an anal opening present, but it is in an abnormal position or is covered by a membrane.

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