UN urges immediate withdrawal of Sudanese rebel forces from foreign countries

The UN Security Council Committee on Sudan has called on the Sudanese rebel groups that are not part of the Juba Peace Agreement to withdraw from foreign countries, or else they will be classified as terrorists.

“The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005) concerning the Sudan considered the final report of the Panel of Experts, submitted in accordance with paragraph 2 of resolution 2508 (2020) (S/2021/40).”

The Committee is urging the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) signatory movements to stop recruiting fighters, in violation of the JPA, including in internally displaced persons’ camps.

The United Nations urged the Darfurian rebel factions to join the ongoing peace process or face tough measures, should they fail to comply with the orders.

“The Committee is also urging the Darfurian major non-signatory groups to engage in peace talks with the Government of Sudan as soon as possible. If they fail to comply, and therefore constitute an impediment to peace, the Committee would consider listing those individuals or entities on the 1591 Sanctions List.”

The United Nations accused the Sudanese rebel forces of being a source of instability in the whole region.

“Furthermore, the Committee is urging the JPA signatory movements to withdraw their forces from foreign countries completely, in line with the JPA. If they fail to comply, and therefore continue to pose a threat to regional stability, the Committee would consider listing those individuals or entities on the 1591 Sanctions List,” the UN threatened.

Last year, the Sudanese transitional government and opposition groups signed a peace agreement under auspices of the South Sudanese government.

According to the terms of the agreement, the parties agree to abide by international law by refraining from recruiting refugees and pulling out their forces from foreign countries.

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