Ex-officials threaten to demonstrate if they don’t get send-off package

Former officials in the now-defunct 32 states are demanding their benefits promised by the government, or they will have no choice but to organize peaceful demonstrations in Juba to express their grievances.

This comes after the president’s office prevented them from granting them access, as they were heading to discuss the matter with the President.

“We went to the office of the president to try to meet him, but we were stopped at the gate by the security personnel,” said Peter Gatkuoth, former advisor for peace and reconciliation in the defunct Southern Liech.

The former officials, numbering about 1,816, are reported to have demanded a payment of $60,000 for each governor and $40,000 every state advisor, minister and commissioner.

President Kiir sacked all 32 state officials in 2020 after returning the country to its previous 10 states in accordance with the peace deal. However, the change affected all the officials who were serving in those states.

“Come Tuesday, which is 15 March, we will go to the streets…all over the country,” Rom warned.

The Vice President for the Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, was instructed to organize all constitutional post-holders and civil servants affected by the return to the ten states. However, up to now, some of them say they have not been paid.

A committee representing more than 1,000 former officials from the defunct 32 states and administrative areas had walked to the State House, J1, to inquire from the president why they are not being paid their dues.

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