SPLM/A-IO condemns surprising attack on its forces in Nasir by SSPDF

The main armed opposition group, SPLM/A-IO, has issued a statement condemning the recent attacks on its forces by the SSPDF forces in Kedbek, Nasir county.

“On Monday, 15h March, 2021, the SPLA-IO defensive position of Ketbek in Nasir surprisingly came under aggressive attack from some anti peace elements within the SSPDF base in Nasir. They burned down ketbek base to ashes making the SPLA-IO to tactically withdraw to Pananyang in respect of the R-ARCSS,” said Lam Paul Gabriel, SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson.

The opposition party strongly criticized the government forces for starting the violence at a time when the whole country is yearning for peace.

“The SPLA-IO is aware of the start of the clashes between the SSPDF and civilians in Koat on Sunday 14 March, 2021 where they also burnt civilian’s houses and destroyed other properties. The SPLA-IO would like to make it clear that its forces in Ketbek didn’t start or influenced the fight in Koat but wonders why its base was attacked and destroyed at this time when majority of the suffering South Sudanese want peace.”

The opposition lauded the top leadership of the SSPDF for pledging to bring perpetrators to account.

“The SPLA-IO acknowledged the effort from the SSPDF high command to bring those responsible for the violations in Ketbek to account; however, its calling upon the JDB, CTSAMVM and UNMISS to investigate this violation as mandated by the R-ARCSS.”

“The SPLA-IO remains committed to the implementation of the Security Arrangement and reserve the right to self defense when aggressed. LIBERATION 17MAR 2021 Col. Lam Paul Gabriel SPLA-IO Deputy Military.”

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