Activist urges South Sudan’s leaders to live up to their promises

Former Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs General Kuol Manyang | File

A South Sudanese human rights defender, Mary Nyibol Maker, has urged the country’s leaders to refrain from making empty promises and embark on steering the nation towards a democratic path.

The activist made the remarks after former Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk admitted that the country had lost its sense of direction as a result of their failed leadership.

“This is an affront and a slap in the face to the people of South Sudan; the dead, the walking-dead, the maimed, the orphans, the widows and widowers, the disabled and even the able-bodied who have been deprived of their right to speech, freedom of movement and right to life,” she said.

She criticized Kuol and other leaders for burying their heads in the sand when innocent civilians were killed under their watch in broad daylight in Juba.

“Mr Kuol has finally acknowledged and admitted their failure. After what? — How many innocent lives have been claimed over these passed years under your watch or were you sleeping all this time?,” she criticised.

She called on the South Sudanese leaders to stand aside and give power to the youth, if they admit their failures and past mistakes.

“You should then step aside and give way to people who have South Sudan at heart. People who at least remember the reason we gained independence for,” she added.

“People who do not place their tummies before their thinking abilities! People who are sympathetic and empathetic! People who can walk the talk and talk the walk! People who can not rest unless a good job is done! People who are God-fearing, obedient, honest with themselves and others, truthful and with dignity! People who see their fellow people as humans, feel the pain their fellow people are feeling and have sleepless nights till a solution to what bothers their fellow people is found.”

“It’s a high time that you people excuse yourselves and give us a room to recover the little that is left: The Street kids, the hopeless, war-wounded comrades who are only waiting for their death day, the half alive raped, used, abused and dumped women, the walking-dead soldiers that have been defending you without salaries and on top of that, their wives being taken by the immoral government officials in their absence, the aged group that thought they would die happy because they gained independence but no, they’re cursing themselves and wishing to die earlier so that they may never witness yet another day of mistreatment.”

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