Kiir’s office summons Kuol to shed light on his recent comment

Former Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs General Kuol Manyang Juuk | Photo: File

Nairobi—The Office of the President has summoned former Minister of Defence General Kuol Manyang Juuk over his recent controversial comment on the Kiir administration.

“The Office of the President has summoned him to hear the comment straight from the horse’s mouth. He is a high-ranking official and has every right to express his feelings, if he feels the government has lost direction, but he should explain his statements clearly to avoid misinterpretation,” said a reliable source in an interview with a Nairobi-based newspaper.

Earlier this week, Kuol admitted that the South Sudanese government has failed to deliver much-needed services since the country gained its independence in 2011.

“When we fought the Sudan government for 22 years, it was for us to become independent so that we do what the government of Sudan was not doing for us”, Kuol admitted in a statement that elicited mixed reactions on social media.

The top government official admitted that they had all failed to fulfill the promises and obligations they made when they were in the bush.

“Since July2005, the government of South Sudan was formed, but what did we do from 2005 until 2011. What did we do? We didn’t build schools, we didn’t build roads, we did not build houses for our people, we didn’t make hospitals, we are not feeding ourselves and depending on the relief food,” he added in a very frustrated tone.

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