Authorities urged not to open Pandora’s box, by arresting innocent musicians

Agel Ring Machar, former Press Secretary in the Vice-President’s Office | Photo: Courtesy

Juba—The South Sudanese government has been urged to stop cracking down on innocent people, including musicians, who try to exercise their constitutional rights by expressing their feelings in songs.

Agel Ring Machar, a former Press Secretary in the Presidency, warned authorities not to foment more trouble at the time when the President is working to reunite the country divided by violence and tribalism.

“To those behind the ongoing unfortunate witch-hunt on Cde Larson Angok, I have free advice for you. Please try to reconsider your decision. It’s unnecessary and dangerously provocative,” said Agel in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Let’s not open another front at the time when President [Salva Kiir] Mayardit is trying his best to unite his people and transition the country from war to peace and tranquility.”

This comes after the government had arrested a musician, Larson Angok, accusing him of composing political songs that criticized the current administration.

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