Ethiopian police kill monster crocodile in Gambella, weighs 500Kg

A sharpshooter sits on a dead crocodile | Photo: Via Facebook

A giant and notorious crocodile responsible for the death of hundreds of people in Gambella has finally been killed and its body exposed in the open air.

The crocodile believed to have lived for more than 70 years was killed yesterday by a sharpshooter.

Last week, a group of police officers comprising of snipers and sharpshooters were deployed along the Baro River to kill the carnivorous crocodile that has been terrorizing residents for more than 30 years.

According to several eyewitnesses interviewed by the South Sudan Herald this morning, the giant crocodile is said to be 17 feet or 5.2 meters long and weigh about 500 kilograms.

In December last year, a 17-year-old South Sudanese refugee, Varsalam Nhial Chagiy, was eaten by the same carnivorous crocodile.

This is not the first time a cannibal crocodile has been killed in Gambella.

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