Chickens have no freedom in the cage

Opinion | By Pastor Karlo K. Okoy

Chickens depend on their master to throw them some food or grains inside the cage. A dog is better when given colorful meals wages its tail, to mean thank you. How can chickens disobey their master or UN? Why do I use this language and analogies? Because Sudanese failed to care for their citizens in both countries. Leaders worship idol gods that bring disaster, civil wars and communal fights. it is difficult to know who is educated or illiterate.

God gave me a vision called “We are not an island” in February 2002 that brought the Sudanese peace of 2005, but they failed to thank God, so God took that peace back to Heaven. Sudanese don’t believe in black Moses. UN the master is feeding Sudanese in both countries as IDPs and as refugees worldwide.

Do chickens have right to criticize the master? Although some rumors say one time a rat disconnected the economic cable of the elephant, it has not been fictionally crossed checked. How will small nation of South Sudan, a rat takes a great nation of USA an elephant and a lion above the animals to the court? Let us examine our life and administration since 2005 when CPA was young. How can we make one tarmac road of 200 kilometers from Juba to Nimule for 15 years? The entire country has only one tarmac road for the last 17 years.

Our leaders failed to stabilize the communities. What are the intellectuals, MPs from Bar Ghazel doing in Juba parliament when their citizens are fighting among themselves killing 50 people daily? What are the intellectuals from greater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria doing in Juba parliament, or this village called Juba without tarmacs doing when their communities are fighting all over the lands? Take speck from your eyes first instead of helping Khartoum.

Ethiopia, Egypt south Sudanese get peace; can a criminal correct a criminal? can a thief correct a thief? can liar correct a liar? can a blind lead blind people? Can a dirty man clean a dirty man? can a prostitute correct a prostitute? Without giving your life to Jesus, no future or better leadership. Matthew 7:3-5

Whom can we blame?

Sudanese people say, “late comers eat bones” and now they forgot this phrase. They remain behind international civilization.

The Sudanese government lasted as a free nation after British left the country 1956, for about 66 years, still the nation speaks of transitional governments, transitional constitutions with several coups, civil wars, tribal wounds.

Did Sudan ever has stable government and peace to educate her children? A nation without true God but worshipping idols, how can God give Sudan peace if she does not call the name of Jesus the only way for peace and formal education? Sudanese children in both nations grow up to forty years without primary school or secondary and tertiary schools, they do not know how to write or read any book. Late comers eat bones.

Those who came with fake documents have right because the Sudanese leaders and their rotten parliaments have no permanent constitutions which is the Ten commandments written in the book of Exodus chapter 20. Without this Biblical chapter in the parliaments, there is no government within the Sundanese nations. Who fragmented Sudan into tribal states, cattle raiding, two nations, closed the oil wells, river badges, roads constructions, wildlife, fishery, birders, if I could make a mistake for a while, a nation outside true God is under the leadership of Satan or hyena, how can the children cultivate if you did not teach them how to use the hoes and tractors? How can they write if you did not give them peace and duration of 22 peaceful years of education? Check your fake Christian names that have no meaning to the body of Jesus Christ call the church? Many of you have stolen Biblical names and fake Christianity, going to the churches without Bibles and commitment.

Can a soldier go for war without the gun? How can God give you knowledge to care for his children /citizens? Many of you soldiers, teachers, workers spent nine months without salaries, how can you feed your families? The so call educated say the Murle, Nuer, Toposa, Didinga, Lopit Tennet, Dinka steal 50 000 heads of cattle or cows because they are not educated, how about people in the cities, parliaments, ministries, educated people who have stolen fifty million dollars, salaries of the laborers? Who is the big thief, the illiterate people in the villages or the highest educated people in the so call cities? All have sinned Romans 3:23.

Sudanese nations will never have Jesus the author of peace. They will continue to face economic hardship, civil wars coups, cattle raiding, communal fights, three years interim governments, interim constitutions forever, unless they call the name of Jesus the true God, otherwise Isaiah 18 will continue to bite the nations economically, in the schools, medical facilities, agriculture, roads etc. in February 2012 we church leaders and Christians had peace conference in Juba civic engagement center, many Sudanese Christian leaders say I quote “East African Christianity is rotten, they came to our country and registered their weak Christianity that demand money from the public” then I asked the leaders this question I quote “if east African Christianity was rotten why did God bring our peace of 2005 through East Africa that is Nairobi instead of through Khartoum or Juba?” None of them gave me an answer; it will take them millions of years to get the answer.

Why do our officials and ministers keep their families in Christian nations of Kenya, Uganda instead of Mogadishu or Damascus and go for medical treatment in Kenya, Uganda? take specks from your eyes first before correcting other nations or documents, Mathew 7:5. Is it good to be without workers? How about those who are eager to develop our backward nations with poor documents? Something is better than none. Our nations will never get good documents until the leaders recognize their spiritual mistakes. They do not know who make the children or citizens; just like chairs who do not know their carpenter. “Little knowledge is a disease” wake up my sleeping communities or leaders, God will judge you if you do not feed his children well. Confess your sins if you want to enjoy these rich lands of our merciful God.

The writer is a founder of Evangelical Free churches of Sudanese nations architect of Sudanese peace of 2005.

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