S. Sudan’s national Dr. Emmanuel Taban recognized as COVID-19 expert

Dr. Emmanuel Taban, from refugee to Covid-19 expert —is expected to launch his inspiring book on Wednesday

Dr. Emmanuel Taban, a South Sudanese national, who stuns the world with his extraordinary expertise | Courtesy

Inspiring Life Story

Inspiring Story—As the dreaded Covid-19 rampaged through South Africa, one unassuming physician had worked out that his expertise as a lung specialist could bring relief to victims of the respiratory disease. He had the skills and tools with which to suck out the mucous that collected in patients’ air passages and caused breathing failure.

He tried out his novel use of therapeutic bronchoscopies on critically ill Covid patients in his clinic in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa and saved the lives of all he worked on.

His journey from being incarcerated in the notorious ‘White House’ torture chambers in Juba by the Khartoum regime when he was 14 years old, to his current position as a highly qualified doctor, is just as remarkable.

He escaped prison and made his way to Eritrea, living off the street before making the journey to Nairobi in Kenya to his uncle – who disowned him. He set off once again, travelling for 3,000km to South Africa. Here, with the help of a charity organisation, he completed his secondary education and went on to study medicine at Medunsa University, specialising in pulmonology (lung-related diseases).

Dr. Taban’s extraordinary story and never-say-die spirit has become a source of great inspiration for millions of young Africans who find themselves in often hopeless situations.

He’s expected to launch his inspiring book on Wednesday, March 16 on Facebook. You can watch live on Jacaranda FM’s Facebook.

Life as a refugee, meet Education Specialist who was once a refugee in Kakuma

June 20, 2020 (Thessherald)–Meet Kuach Tutkuay, currently an education specialist, who went to Kakuma Refugee Camp in early 2000 as a 12-year-old boy without parents or close relatives. Despite the hardship in the camp, he pursued his education with diligence and perseverance, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree (Commerce) from Africa Nazarene University after 15 years of refugee life, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies. Through his experience in the camp, he knew first-hand what it means to be a stateless person, and since then, Kuach has been advocating for unimpeded access to quality education for refugees, including higher education — his work was featured in Financial Times (London) in 2017 as an advocacy effort to influence the UN General Assembly’s discussion on refugee education.

Kuach has benefited from the U.S. exchange program —Young African Leaders Initiatives YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa , and since then has engaged in community transformation initiatives, for instance, he is currently working with a group of young people (most of whom are former refugees) collecting waste plastics and converting them into paving tiles, bricks and toilet slabs; an initiatives that will save South Sudan from plastic wastes.

Kuach Tutkuay currently works with UKAID as Policy Advisor. Before this, Mr. Tutkuay also worked with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and Ministry of General Education and Instruction of the Government of South Sudan; he also worked with UN as well as other NGOs.

Kuach dreams of a lasting peace in South Sudan so that all its beloved citizens who fled to the refugee camps could return and participate equally in nation building.

Note: Originally published by U.S. Embassy, Juba 

S. Sudan’s Young Entrepreneur narrates how she became successful against all odds

Life Story: By Akima Nguet Yaak

April 17, 2020 (Thessherald)–My people please allow me to brief the public with my tough and rough journey that led to the woman I am today that everybody out there is jealous of. I was born to decent and God-fearing parents. I made it this far through God, Determination, Confidence, Hardwork, Intelligence and my Educational Ability.

I wasn’t born and raised in Washington DC, The White House or Nairobi like others, but I was proudly born in Boma, raised in Narus and Kakuma in then a low background family though I didn’t allow all these to hold me in poverty, I had to work harder to make some changes.

Here Is My Life Story

I was kidnapped on my way from school and raped by an elderly man called Goch Ajak in 2011 back in Kakuma, when I was just a little primary 8 girl who never had an affair with any man. This scenario led me into a forced marriage when my parents were convinced to surrender me to the man I still called a “rapist” according to the traditional culture.

I tried my best to reject the man but I was too young and threatened to make a perfect decision, so I decided to be impregnated proudly by someone I loved then and that’s how I ended up with my handsome son, though my baby daddy didn’t stand with me due to the dowry that was paid by Goch, I personally rejected Goch’s visa to Australia no matter how he was so desperate to do any for me to go overseas.

I made a wise decision of going back to school when my son was just 2 months old, I did computer packages and three months later after acquiring my certificate, I joined high school just for three years then I sat for KCSE and got a good grade (C+) in 2015 despite the challenges I was facing. I have been known as a brilliant girl since primary school where I scored 308 marks during the same year that I was forced married, I was offered a scholarship to high school by Windle Trust Kenya which was turned down due to that marriage that was being arranged.

After high school, I did some short courses and got some few certificates that backed up my KCPE and KCSE, then I made a risk of sending my CV and going to South Sudan particularly Upper Nile where I was employed in 7 days by Goal International Organization as a Logistics Assistant, three months later I was forced to leave the job and go back to Kakuma to do some resettlement interview at UNHCR compound.

In December 2016, I decided to go back to Juba and registered my first Company where I was considered by my lawyer as the Youngest Entrepreneur of those days. After collecting all my Company Documents, I went back to Upper Nile and started supplying the NGOs from February 2017, with Stationeries, food stuffs, fuel…I realized this business opportunity when I was working for Goal International Organization. In February 2017, I divorced the guy officially and I managed to paid some of his dowry back through my dad and uncle who took from me and gave back to his family.

April 2017 I started working for a National NGO, Health Link as Psychology Caseworker hence I employed a guy called Nhial to run my company while I was working for the NGO but I was monitoring and guiding him in company operation at the same time.

I went further and opened a branch in Bor which was being run by my cousin Jawat Akoi Atem where Save The Children was our main client. In September 2017 I became tired of staying in Upper and I decided to resign from my office and I went to Juba and settled. In October 2017 I got a job in ABMC as an Executive Logistics Offer where I was working for my loving Sister Yar Manyuon and her husband, Benjamin Bol, 6 months later I left the office and focused more on my business.

I started going to Egypt, Cairo for stocks that earned me some good a mount of money. April 2019, I involved myself in some business with my sister’s brothers in-law those of Anyar Madhor and Justin Gar where I got some good share and bought my first car, then I became so familiar to some Ministries and started doing my own business.

I have been meeting with some well known men and women in The Central Bank and The Ministry of Finance going for Their Claims while I do go for mine too. In January 2020, I decided to rent a mansion house in Nairobi for my mum, siblings and son, I am just taking care of my family and myself but I don’t know why it’s paining everybody.

When it comes to my relationship affair, I am very selective and rigid, I got a taste, and I promised myself not to ever fall for material things and I only fall for cuteness, personality and maturity. I just need a ambitious, good looking young man that can grow and develop together with me. A man that can love me unconditionally, cherish, value, respect and care for me.

I am from a well known and respected community/Clan, I am known as an asset in my community due to my contributions at community level. I got some praises and songs that are composed with my name in my community due all my good deeds, so please faking my life story and staining my name and image won’t bring me down. I’m not in a competition with anyone but I’m developing my family, myself and especially my career, period