Dr. Chol Deng Thon: The Only Hope for South Sudan Oil Sector Reform

Dr. Chol Deng Thon at the construction site of Nilepet Headquarters in Juba |Photo: File

By Deng Akok Muoradid

The former Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited, Dr. Chol Deng Thon is a renowned reformist who had reformed and transformed the state oil firm to the level where it is today. It is undeniable that Nilepet was at the verge of collapsing before Dr Chol’s appointment as a managing director.

During the reign of Dr. Chol’s predecessors, Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited ( Nilepet) was experiencing high rates of corruption, nepotism, inability to import the fuel etc. Nilepet had no permanent premises or headquarters since it was operating in rented premises. All those challenges put the national oil firm at high risk of collapse.

However, Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited was rescued by President Salva Kiir when he appointed a technocrat, nationalist, hard-working and an experienced Engineer ( PhD) in form of Dr Chol Deng as the managing director. Upon assuming the office, Dr. Chol Deng Thon embarked on achieving a total reformation and transformation of the national oil firm ( Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited) as well as alleviating chronic corruption and nepotism.

In a matter of short period of time in the office, Dr Chol Deng Thon succeeded in reforming the Nilepet through complete eradication of corruption, nepotism, importation and supply of the fuel to all the states as well as the construction of Nilepet Headquarters. Below are the tangible and visible achievement of Dr. Chol Deng Thon in the South Sudan Oil Sector.

  • Eradication of financial corruption and nepotism in Nilepet

During the leadership of Dr. Chol’s predecessors, Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited was engulfed in corruption and nepotism. Recruitment was done on the basis of blood relationship. Corruption was the policy of the day. However, the appointment of Dr. Chol Deng Thon marked an end to all forms of malpractices especially corruption and nepotism. As an experienced technocrat and PhD holder, Dr Chol managed to implement the Nilepet policies without failure.

He implemented a human resource policies in which citizens were recruited on the basis of merits and academic qualifications. These malpractices which Dr Chol Deng eradicated in Nilepet resurfaced immediately after his relieve from the position of managing director.

  • Importation and supply of fuel to Juba and the rest of states in South Sudan

There was shortage of fuel in Juba and across the country at the time of previous managing directors. Before the appointment of Dr. Chol Deng as a managing director of Nilepet, the citizens used to queve at the petrol stations for days or weeks. Getting fuel at that time was as difficult as entering into heaven. Immediately after taking over the office, Dr. Chol Deng Thon released enough amount of funds for the importation of fuel in to the country and its supply to all the states. In a matter of one week prior to his appointment, fuel was in great abundance in all the petrol stations across the country. Long queves at the Petrol Stations became the things of the past.

  • Construction of Nilepet Headquarters

One of the tangible accomplishments of Dr. Chol Deng Thon is the initiation and construction of Nilepet’s headquarters premises in Juba. He relealized that it was shameful for a national company to operate in rented premises. Therefore, he initiated the construction of the company’s headquarters.

He implemented it by constructing a tallest tower in Juba as a Nilepet head office. Many citizens of South Sudan came to know about the existence of Nilepet through this tallest tower which Dr. Chol Deng Thon constructed. The premise was at the final stage at the time of Dr. Chol’s relieve and its construction would have been completed if Dr. Chol Deng Thon was given extra one month in the office. The construction of the Nilepet Headquarters was put on hold by Dr. Chol’s successor.

  • Construction of Oil Refinery

Since South Sudan always export its crude oil to Port Sudan due lack of oil refinery in the country. Dr. Chol Deng Thon decided to find a permanent solution by initiating and building the first oil refinery in the Republic of South Sudan. He began building the long awaited oil refinery and its construction was near completion at the time of his ( Dr Chol) removal from the office. The oil refinery is currently under construction and many citizens might have been misinformed that it is an initiative of the incumbent managing director. The citizens of South Sudan need to be informed that it was their beloved son Dr. Chol Deng Thon who initiated and started building the oil refinery in South Sudan.

  • Recruitment of competent young youths into Nilepet

Hundreds of capable and competent South Sudanese Youths from different states and tribes were recruited into the Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited by the administration of Dr. Chol Deng Thon. The youths were employed on the basis of competency and academic qualifications, unlike Dr. Chol’s successor who has planted hundreds of his blood relatives in the Nilepet.

  • Building of specialized clinic for the presidential guards division

Dr. Chol Deng Thon has built a modern equipped clinic for the presidential guards as a part of social corporate responsibility. The specialized clinic which Dr. Chol Deng built for the presidential guards is equipped with modern medical equipments. The clinic is currently serving as the treatment centre not for only the presidential guards but for the entire South Sudanese. All kind of human diseases are being treated at that specialized clinic.

In conclusion, The Republic of South Sudan is spiritually blessed to have such a patriotic, hard-working and an experienced Engineer ( PhD) in form of Dr. Chol Deng Thon. He has unquestionable capability and knowledge to transform and reform the South Sudan Oil Sector in less one year if he is given another chance as a Nilepet MD or any other influential position in the oil sector.

As the Bible says” Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and give to God what belongs to God”. Dr. Chol Deng Thon deserves an appreciation from all of us for the achievements that he had accomplished in the oil sector. I predict our oil sector will be competing with the oil sectors of South Africa and Angola if Dr. Chol Deng Thon is given another chance.

The author is a concerned citizen and activist. He can be reached via his email: dengakokmuoradid@gmail.com
or Telephone: +211921637574

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Opinion | South Sudanese Lives Matter

“Let me not be misunderstood; I am not against the cake of your children…but I talk as a person in this field.”

Opinion | By Pal Chol Nyan

The world is hit by deadly pandemic, the COVID-19 which is killing people at an alarming rate. Ebola, also a deadly viral haemorrhagic fever, which was said to have been eradicated has cases reported again in Congo, one of neighbouring countries to South Sudan; which poses a risk here.

We have cholera, malaria and meningitis, which are endemic diseases that we deal with and live with at all times.

As the States governments are being formed, I thought the Health Ministers would be people in the medical and health discipline. It turned out not to be the case. It is a hope dashed . All or most of those appointed to the states Ministries of Health are lay people with different specializations, newly baptized into the political realm as a result of the R-ARCISS.

“Let me not be misunderstood; I am not against the cake of your children.”

The R-ARCISS is publicly known to have been tailored with extreme care by the warring Parties towards seeking jobs. This fact is substantiated by the legion of Advisers, Ministers, Commissioners, Chairpersons of Commissions, let alone the State lawmakers and Local councillors to be announced. Anyway, who am I to dispute what the owners have set themselves out to do?

I am not against the officials who won the confidence of the appointing authority but I talk as a person in this field. Assuming that a minister is invited by the International NGOs or UN agencies to discuss a particular case like Malaria, what will they say? Do not tell me the Minister is a political appointee and that the Director-General will handle health issues and the technical part.

It is important that the two must come from same field so that they don’t collide over the budget about what to use it for the benefit of the public and what goes to the pocket. Bringing a person from another sphere to the Health docket is inviting problems and conflicts which will hamper the real work of coping with the pandemic. There is a need for the leaders to revisit their decisions in the next political appointments because with this one, the dice has been cast.

The Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Education, Physical Infrastructures and Energy and Dams are supposed to be headed by technocrats. They will be in a position to know what is good for them and the people. They will not be focused on wealth creation and the enhanced dictum of nepotism, favouritism and tribal tendencies of all types. You can continue to politicize the other Ministries.

We have no problem but South Sudanese lives matter!

The writer is a South Sudanese who’s concerned about the ongoing situation in the country.

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RTGNU must live up to its mandate or lose its legitimacy

Hon. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino | Photo: Courtesy

Opinion | By Hon. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino

Opinion —The statements by Troika, EU and IGAD Special Envoy on the occasion of One Year Anniversary of Transitional Period are “hollow” and fall sort of the realities of Implementation of the Peace Agreement.

I know the international community cannot and will never speak for us. They are bound by the prima facie notion and principles of the “sovereign equality of states” and “no interference in the internal matters of other states” etc. The statements by Troika, EU and IGAD only serve to embolden the peace spoilers and particularly elements within ITGNU that have been sabotaging the peace process.

The reality on the ground which we should and shall continue to speak of and alert the world, and friends of South Sudan is that the Peace Implementation has stalled. The assertion that the Peace Agreement is being implemented is a sheer blackmail and a flatter. There is No Political Will to implement the Agreement and deliberate refusal to commit funds for implementation for the last 29 months has severely stifled the Peace Agreement.

Even the formation of RTGNU is not complete at the national and state level after one year long; the ITGNU have been dragging their feet on the Agreement for the last one year,

The Pre Transitional Tasks which had been occasioning perpetual extension for six months and 100 days and later moved to the transitional period have not been touched during the first one year of the transitional period. The parties have been attempting to form a government, of which they have not yet completed the same. What do we have to show during the twelve months of Transitional Period other than attempting to form a government?

Where are the forces we have unified after 29 months; the forces continue to languish under despicable conditions in the cantonments and training centers for the last 2 years. Others have died, or deserted the training centers. Few are only left. This is the master strategy of the ITGNU and group within the country that do not want to implement the Agreement.

The peace spoilers have been succeeding for the last 29 months; they have displayed the highest level of lack of political will, refused to commit funds to implement the Agreement.

There is no any credible justification that South Sudan lack resources to fund the peace Process. The last fund for implementation was released in November of 2019 and it was a peanut. We could have understood that during the Pre Transitional Period it was ITGNU running the government single handedly and therefore may fail to release funds.

How could the government of the Peace Agreement (the RTGNU) composed of parties to the Agreement fails to release funds required to implement the Agreement for the last one year and during the Transitional Period?

Besides, we have been witnessing clear violations of the Peace Agreement by the ITGNU and the SSPDF, namely;

• Failure to adhere to the implementation matrix;

• b) The continuous violation of Permanent Ceasefire including attacks on cantonment sites and training centers themselves;

• c) Refusal to appoint the Governor of Upper Nile;

• d) Violations of the terms of Transitional Constitution 2011 as amended; the President has decided to retain the powers awarded to him under the previus Constitution;

• e) The ongoing parallel training of forces by the elements within the SSPDF around the country; a big concern. Meaning this group is preparing for a war; a violation of the terms of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement;

• f) The encouragement of and breakdown of parties to the Agreement just to mention few;

• g) Reluctance by ITGNU to take part in the Permanent Constitution Making Process displays bad faith in this process;

• h) Refusal to submit names of nominees to the TNLA to NCAC for appointments by the President;

The Peace Agreement is at a crossroad, between “success and collapse”, the security arrangement is over stressed; the forces in the Cantonment and Training Centers are going without food, medicine and shelter etc. Any delay to graduate, unify and deploy these forces may lead to total breakdown of Transitional Security Arrangements, the Permanent Ceasefire and the Agreement altogether;

If RTGNU shall not implement the Agreement as timely as possible it shall forfeit its legitimacy; the forces in Cantonment and training centers that have been waiting to implement Security Arrangement will completely disperse and close those camps. And further delay to implement the Agreement will lead to loss of confidence in the Government of the day.

The writer is a senior member of the SPLM-IO and representative at the National Amendment Committee – a mechanism responsible for overseeing and incorporating the R-ARCSS into the permanent constitution.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

Response to lies fabricated by South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum against NilPet’s Director Eng. Bol Ring

Author’s picture | Photo: Courtesy

By Marco Mayieb Wundit

Opinion —A bit to give an insight about the lies which were created by enemies of progress on 2nd February 2021, extended to and published as seen trending in a number of social media news outlets, a propaganda that raised the question of creditability of the source claimed in the name of what so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum,” which wrongly addressed and called for the removal of the Managing Director of NilePet Eng.Bol Ring Morwel and in what they called “An Open Letter to the President for the Removal of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel from NilePet”.

This is no business at all! The so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum(SSACF)” is a lies-making organization established with ultra-objectives to assassinate the good characters of Eng.Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director of NilePet who is ardently busy day and night for reforms in the oil and gas sector in the Republic of South Sudan.

The said organization is proving itself with so much injurious aims to the public, their illusions to capture the attention of the public with unfounded allegations has provided for, sentiments and many interrogations among South Sudanese intellectuals such as, where are they coming from? What is it established for? Who are they? Where are their offices? And so forth.

These agents who suited themselves in an open lounge are mercenaries hired to fight for their guts, with lest it be satisfied with money.

The South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is a pseudonym entity operating under the dark shadow with one hand behind the bars waving with something written “Anti-Corruption”, while on the other two hands nursing and breastfeeding the old grown corruption which decides the order of the day in many institutions, what a creature with many hands!

Among these enemies are those who were affected by reform in NilePet and they opted to fight as the only alternate figure to get back their lost incentives and dimes of malpractices which they were fond of.

The labeling of these cheap, toothless and as well the baseless accusations are seriously misplaced and meant to deviate the attention of the public from the reform activities carried out by the Managing Director of NilePet ,Eng.Bol Ring Morwel who is everyday seen making positive changes that will contribute to the revival of economic power of South Sudan soon than later.

Many unfounded arguments as mentioned in their letter of claims seek refuge in their minds to where should such lies be accommodated and especially when they rinse their mouths with words like 50,000 USD, 2,000,000 USD and 1,000,000 USD be given to an employee working in NilePet as a weekly and monthly incentives, this is itself disqualifies the contents of their letter for they do not have knowledge of what is the cash-call for NilePet as a state-owned parastatal. It is a daymare indeed. NilePet does not even have such amount of money to be given to the Managing Director, a higher-ranking officer in charge of all activities of both NilePet, the headquarters itself and its subsidiaries plus Joint Operating Companies such as DPOC, GPOC and others. This is a pure lie.

The same organization so called South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is an envious entity as seen after they failed to clearly define the basis on which they collected these unfounded allegations which wrongly named individuals as attached to wrong grades who are not even employed in NilePet ,all grade 17th. With wider knowledge of the public that Eng. Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director approved and fully included those employees who were placed under special contracts by previous administrations as full time employees with privileges, this development itches the hearts of these enemies in multiple times.

In fact, they are so envious to the sense that; when they see other competent South Sudanese graduates looking for jobs, they subject them to threat of not getting even a daily bread for their lives. Some of these graduates are more qualified to be assigned in any institution.

This South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is so blind to the degree that, it does not distinguish between the Master’s degree holder and the student who is yet to be awarded the said qualification as it came in their claims mentioning one of the employees working in NilePet whose credentials and titles are in questions to be awarded Master’s degree.

To further give due to where it belongs; Eng.Bol Ring Morwel is a true servant with clear vision and goals to reform the Oil and Gas sector in the country.

Since the appointment of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel as the Managing Director, NilePet has witnessed progress in many areas.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese, he holds BSC [ in Ac Accounting] from the University of Juba and could easily be reached through these contacts: 0912005956/0926163022 or email: marcobol464@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

Juba University & Upper Nile University students hijack SSGSU

Juba University and Upper Nile university students have hijacked and manipulated South Sudan General Students’ Union , turning it into a -two- University Union.

By: Kuol Mathubier Kucdhal

Opinion —My fellow citizens, students of Public and Private universities, students from different colleges and institutes, graduates, students of High school, South Sudanese students abroad and the entire intellectual community, wherever you are, who will read this article, my special hello and greeting to you all.

Whether aware or not , South Sudan General Students’ Union, an umbrella which unites all students in the higher institutions of learning, in “ROSS,” in regardless of their levels, programs, universities, gender and background , is in its ” revival stage ” and has been sadly hijacked and manipulated by few individuals from the two public universities , UNU and UoJ , in the following ways:

1.Delegates who are to attend and participate in the 2nd Convention which is scheduled to take place on 15th- 18th .Feb.2021, all or 99.8% of whom, come from the two universities.

How did this dominance happen ? Well, in 2019, these students, the hijackers ,cleverly and secretly sat in Juba , unanimously agreed that ,the best way to sidestep other students was to conduct the delegation process in backdoors, without informing their counterparts who are studying outside the city namely; students from ; John Garang Memorial University( Bor), Rumbek University, Wau University, ,Catholic university , Wau and Rumbek branches respectively, other colleges and institutes were even in Juba, were not included !

  1. The students selected themselves based on whom they thought was friendly to be on the tick to avoid any future inconvenience. They decided that they divided themselves into States , each defunct state,32, plus Abyei , was to bring 5 nominees, bring the total number of delegates to 165, boom!! all from UoJ and UNU.

Was it by coincidence?

I don’t think so. It was plotted. And that brings the question ” what is the difference between South Sudan National Youth Union, SSNYU and SSGSU, if their mode of nomination is the same ??

The delegates should have been drawn from public and private universities.

But very unfortunately, our brothers studying in the city have developed what I can call ” patronizing or condescending attitude” ” a deceitful attitude of superiority. “We can just represent them”. No problem… This is very a primitive attitude, because it shows nothing but lack of understanding of how things work…it portrays individual lack of intellectuality.

We need this umbrella. We need each other under it. When did Upper Nile and Juba universities become ” General”. Or you think you are our generals in Juba , then, who ordained you?. When did you become the “Messi” of all private and public universities?

What a violation of this body’s constitution, for two or three universities to merge and monopolize an entity located in a nation where there are more than ten universities, let alone high schools , colleges and institutes?

It’s interestingly sad to see that, our fresh future Lawyers and engineers , are the ones leading the campaign of hijackers and manipulators, then, where is the future when we , in this early stage break the simple rule of ” inclusion”?

Where is democracy, when the minority excludes the majority, just by the virtue of them being in the city ? How will you know the challenges facing your fellows in other universities?

Are you Jesus to know our problems before coming to us ?

  1. The 5 delegates from each state ,after their ” self- nomination” were eventually stamped or approved by the then , sate ministers of education. The best example, is the defunct western lakes state, where I’m made to know, the delegates approached and persuaded the former minister , who was in Juba on an official visit, to endorse their names, which she did so innocently, without having second thoughts on her roles.

Here comes, another question, is this government-approved delegates eligible now ?. Is SSGSU , independent from government and political influence or is it a government small political play ground?. What a violation of our constitution again?

  1. Now, our brothers have succeeded in changing the body from social organization to political organization, by lobbying approval from a political appointees.I know , they will even ” hijack our Union to the sun! I’m sure they will the serve the interests of those who approved them, not our interest as they allude.

What are the possible ways forward or consequences?

The interim and Electoral committees of SSGSU should save the body from collapse and do these:

  1. Suspend the second convention , form a constitution amending committee, to amend the constitution first, see condition for eligibility, office tenure, make registration of qualified universities for the membership.

2.Give the delegation process to University students’ unions and states associations.


  1. Renaming of “SSGSU” to “something else that suggests , it belongs to two or three universities.
  1. Withdrawal of all universities which are not represented, we will disown its legitimacy and eligibility of its executive and council bodies.
    And most importantly, we will not ” recognize ” whoever that emerges as its leader , even if you promise us “heaven” or free education”, with no respect to our constitution.
    Inconclusively, I apologize for boring you with a lengthy article but I want to advise all of us, the youth of South Sudan today , to set a strong a example now on how we will handle our affairs in the future , that’s a beginning of change we all seek to make or we gonna be worst than you can ever imagine. Any sort of bamboozle will take us to square one.

Thanks for reading.

The writer is a Student of Rumbek University of Science and Technology- RUST and chairman of defunct Western Lakes State Students’ Association. Reachable via: kuolmathebier8@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald.

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Opinion | Where is inclusive education if other kids are denied national exams?

“Denying children examination means promotion of tribal bigotry – intolerance towards people from other tribes.”

Minister of Education, Awut Deng Acuil bans national exams in SPLM-IO-controlled areas | Photo: © Thessherald

South Sudan literacy rate was reported at around 34.5% in 2018, placing the youngest nation among the least literate countries in Africa as well as in the world. The low rate is a result of 21 years of civil war between Sudan government and southern Sudan rebels or SPLA. After the independence, the country went to war with herself in 2013 and again in 2016 forcing nearly 4 million people to seek refuge and asylum in neighboring countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

There is no doubt that the high illiteracy rate in the country is prolonging the crisis as masses of illiterate men and women are mobilized to fight the war. You see the effect of illiteracy? It keeps you in the darkness. You are chained down by your own mind. Things that need logic to solve are taken in spiritual contexts. Despite 2013 conflict, South Sudan Ministry of General Education and Instructions continued to improve education system in the country. The Ministry launched the first post-independence national curriculum on September 8th, 2015 and new textbooks for the new curriculum on March 7th, 2019.

With the new curriculum and textbooks, there is no doubt that children and young people in South Sudan will gain knowledge, skills and even restore South Sudanese values and morals that were lost during the war with northern Sudan. South Sudan has the world’s highest fraction of out of school children with over 70% of school-aged children out of school (UNESCO, 2018).

If you visit any cattle camp in the country, you will find that majority of people rearing cattle are children and women. Early this year, the Ministry of Education and Instructions (MoGEI) celebrated the International Literacy Day (ILD) under the theme “Literacy Teaching and Learning in COVID-19 Crisis and beyond”.

During the celebration, the Minister of Education Hon. Awut Deng Acuil emphasized the importance of education as a right of every child in the country. On January 29th, 2021, the Office of the Minister of Education issued a press statement informing the candidates, parents and stakeholders that the process of the 2020 examinations have been put in place in accordance with resolutions of the 2nd extra-ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers dated September 22nd 2020.

As candidates and parents were celebrating and applauding the Ministry of Education for following the timeframe that was set in September by the Council of Ministers, another press statement was issued on February 4th cancelling all the Primary Eight (P.8) examinations in SPLA-IO controlled areas, citing lack of protection from South Sudan National Police Services and Security.

This is very unfortunate for the parents and particularly children who have been preparing for nearly 1 year to sit for Certificate of Primary Education (CPE). On the other hand, the future of Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) hangs on unbalanced beam. According to South Sudan’s Constitution of 2011 with amendments in 2013, under the bill of rights, it states that “Every child shall have access to education without discrimination”.

Now, where is the inclusive education if other kids are not allowed to sit for national examinations? Do you know the trauma you have subjected these children to? They will grow up hating the system. Don’t be surprised to see some of these kids growing up in rural towns or even in the cities in South Sudan as hooligans.

We already have thousands of kids in the streets in the country. As a result of this decision, some of them will join the rest of the street children due to frustration and fear of future. Denying children examination means promotion of tribal bigotry – intolerance towards people from other tribes or social group.

Honorable Minister, take a deep breath, close your eyes for some few seconds, and put yourself into shoes of a 13 years old young girl in Nyirol or other SPLA-IO controlled areas. What do you see? Again, put yourself in shoes of child who has been preparing for several months to sit for CPE and finally told not to sit for national examinations.

What do you see? Children know only South Sudan as a country and many cannot even differentiate between SPLA-IO and government controlled areas. Dear Honorable Minister, if you knew these children will not sit for Certificate of Primary Education, why did you allow candidate classes in those areas to reopen? Why? You made them waste their times and resources. Don’t you think these kids have all rights to sue you? Even in the Ministry of Education, I am sure there are people who are not happy with your decision. You don’t need guns or heavy artilleries to protect examination papers. Professional teachers marking examination scripts can detect whether the examinations were leaked or not.

If such irregularities are spotted during the marking of scripts, then that particular school can be banned by withdrawing examination centre number for some years. In conclusion, I humbly request the Ministry of General Education and Instructions (MoGEI) to give children in SPLA-IO controlled areas an alternative examination papers since they will miss the first scheduled examination on February 8th 2021. Such examinations can be facilitated by neutral body such as United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and other UN agencies operating in SPLA-IO controlled areas. I believe the MoGEI is preparing children for bright future and prosperous South Sudan irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, or geographical area.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached at duomchol87@gmail.com.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

NILEPET M.D. Bol Ring is hard-working man, surrounded by illiterate gluttons

Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel, Managing Director of Nilepet | Photo: Courtesy

By Stephen Gatluak Gatdet

Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel is an engineer by profession. He has unquestionable experiences in the oil sector due to the facts that he held senior positions in the Nile Petroleum Corporation Limited (Nilepet) since its establishment. The Nilepet employees had a false theory that Bol Ring would implement a reform agenda after he was appointed as Managing Director in the late 2020.

During the leadership of the former visionary Managing Director Dr. Chol Deng Thon, the South Sudanese were misinformed by the enemies of progress that he ( Dr Chol) was corrupt or sectionalist. The same people later relealized that Chol’s successor was the real sectionalist and corrupt leader after the relieve of Chol.

After President Salva Kiir relieved Dr. Chol and replaced him with Bol Ring. The entire South Sudanese as well as the employees of Nilepet, thought that Bol would be better than Dr Chol. The public was expecting Eng. Bol Ring to implement the reform agenda and to eradicate the corruption, nepotism etc. To surprise the staffs, Eng. Bol Ring first promoted his relatives and good boys whom he recruited into Nilepet when he was a president of Nile Drilling, to high grades and appointed them in key positions. He promoted his own nephew and appointed him as a Chief Accountant in the Nilepet.

He appointed his good boy and relative Mariak Martin Manyiel as his office manager. To compare Dr Chol with Bol Ring. The office manager of Dr. Chol was from Bor and the chief accountant during his leadership was from Twic. The current office manager to Bol Ring is from his community Twic and his relative. The current Chief accountant is his nephew and from Twic too.

After assigning his relatives and good boys in key positions, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel went back to his village and brought in his relatives , some of whom were mere cattle keepers and fishermen at Wunrock River. He brought more 25 relatives from the village and employed them in Nilepet. The grave mistake which Bol Ring did was that he only employed his blood relatives ( Padhieu and their in-laws) and excluded the rest of sections in Twic Mayardit Community. Bol Ring sidelined and marginalized all the sons of Twic from different sections who were already working in Nilepet.

The rest of sections in Twic Mayardit who are being excluded from enjoying the petrodollars by Bol Ring Muorwel decided to launch a full scale war against Bol and his clan Padhieu plus their in-laws. To be sincere, the current war in Nilepet is between Marginalized Twic Sections against Bol Ring and his relatives. Twic Mayardit Community is the one fighting itself in Nile Petroleum Corporation Company Limited. The rest of South Sudanese tribes haven’t yet launched the war against the Bol Ring.

Eng. Bol Ring is an experienced and hard-working engineer who would have completely reformed the Nile Petroleum Corporation Company Limited if he would haven’t applied the discriminative and corrupt policies.

It would have been better if Bol Ring have surrounded himself with the competent and hard-working people rather than the mere illiterate fishermen and cattle keepers. I am appealing to President Salva Kiir Mayardit to immediately dismiss Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel and appoint any competent person from the rest of communities except Twic Mayardit.

We should not allow Twic Mayardit to fight themselves over what doesn’t belong to them. Twic Mayardit has no oil in its land and they are very luck to be given the position of Managing Director of Nilepet.

The writer is a concerned citizen. He can be reached via tenstatespress@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald.

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The Centre of Moral Decadent: the case of Juba City

Opinion | By Juol Nhomngek Gec

The role of any Government is to protect the culture of her citizens. The protection involves putting limit on freedoms of her citizens. The reasons for protecting morals and customs of the people is that it is another way of protecting family which the law describes as the basic unit of the society.

The family that is founded on morals creates the strong society. The country where families are protected is the country where people protect their moral inheritance. The pride of any Nation is moral and cultural inheritance.

China and Japan for instance are doing well moral wise because their governance is founded on their original cultures. The communities in the countries with strong morals are occupied by indigenous Communities with original cultures.

Like South Sudan, our cultures are traditions and if we can protect and promote our cultures we can have strong foundation and become very strong in all areas. Thus, it is the duty of South Sudan Government to protect our cultures so that they change by adopting new values gradually to avoid cultural shock.

In South Sudan, we are currently experiencing cultural shock and it is the reason why there is upheaval and moral mayhem. Juba which is the capital city of South Sudan is microcosm of South Sudan as a country.

Juba represents South Sudan and its sixty four (64) tribes and whatever bad things happen in Juba depicts South Sudan as a whole. Hence, the fact that there is high level of moral decadent in Juba shows that Juba is the Centre of Moral decadent due to the following reasons:

First, immorality is at its highest point in Juba. . It is practiced everywhere and nowhere exceptional. Majority of our leaders in the Government who are supposed to be moral compass to show right moral direction to our citizens are even the worse in term of morality. They are in fact amoral.

As a sign of moral breakdowns, prostitution is being practiced everywhere in the citizens and hotels are turned into brothels. There are clearly two types of prostitutions. There are those petty prostitutes who can fall for even less then five hundred South Sudanese Pounds.

Those petty prostitutes are the ones we find everywhere in the city. They snake the streets throughout the city selling themselves like hot cakes. Those petty prostitutes are using their bodies to get money irrespective of the danger that they expose themselves to by attracting National and foreigners who may be hosts of different viruses carrying modern incurable diseases.

Those petty prostitutes are sometimes conwomen as they always fight with men who relieve their stress on them during short time as it is known in in the hotels managed by Eritreans and Ethiopians. This is throughout Juba city and other towns in South Sudan.

As I write this article, South Sudanese government does not have any control over her citizens who are women. Of course, women have all rights and freedoms to determine what is good for themselves but in the present condition of South Sudan, our women need protection because of poverty.

The poor are not choosers. Our women, majority of whom are impoverished and they can accept any conditions imposed on them by funders in order to get few pounds or few dollars to care for themselves or their families. Therefore, the men sometime demand to have sex with them live but they have nothing to do as they need money to support their families and themselves.

Moreover, those petty prostitutes are composed of underage girls, and grown up women, who are at homes with their men but are practicing prostitution under cover without the knowledge of their husbands. There was a time a fight broke out between the husband and his wife after the husband received intelligence that his wife was standing somewhere in town for short time.

After receiving the information he went to that place and found his wife where he was told to find her and the first world war in the prostitute world in Atlabara broker out. The poor was attacked on all sides and the police has to intervene to restore and maintain law and order.

Apart from those petty prostitutes as I have described above, there are also those smart prostitutes who charge hundreds of dollars per night. Some of these kind of prostitutes are women in their houses but are too smart to be caught by anyone. Some of these are running big companies and charitable organizations.

They are being founded by the Government officials with public funds. One of the reasons the Government employees and soldiers do not get their salaries on time even if they spend several months is because of misuse of National resources by the government officials. Another misuse is spending money on wrong project such as on prostitutes or unmarried women who act as side dish for big men.

Some of those smart prostitutes or women have broken their houses in order to professionalize their prostitution. Those professional prostitutes are now becoming more and more role models for our young beautiful girls who are occupied with how to become rich as a way of escaping sweat hard lives.

Selling their bodies is the cheapest way of getting money and becoming rich over night. Specially giving birth to or having a beautiful girls or wives who catch attention of every men appears to become a curse nowadays as the immoral men with dollars have become like hyenas around kraals. It is a tag of war.

Those beautiful girls described above have now come up with the new way of getting money from the government officials as they have become sexual rentals. The Government officials who were initially poor become restless with money rent those beautiful girls or women for some days or months and then give them dollars as agreed after using them. It is pathetic.

There are some immoral activities going in sexual world that cannot be described here all. Surprisingly, majority of all the prostitutes are from Dinka as I have been carrying out survey. Yet the Government, which is being headed by Dinka leadership does not want to do anything because it is preoccupied with how to maintain power even at the expenses of Dinka majority.

In short, Juba city is the centre of moral decadent. The Dinka family where the leader comes from and other families who are not taken care of by their governments are breaking down very first. The cause of all these is the man-made poverty through misuse of resources by the SPLM-IG that does not care about the welfare of the people by allowing its leaders to misuse National resources.

The unemployment the citizens are facing now and the poverty killing our citizens is because of the SPLM-IG that has controlled resources and allowed few individuals to use the resources as they think fit.

The writer is the member of the SPLM-IO and he can be reached through Nhomngekjuol@gmail.com

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The conspiracy of the JCE and the challenges facing R-ARCSS

Nathaniel Oyet Pierino, senior member and representative of the SPLM-IO at the National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) |Photo: File
Nathaniel Oyet Pierino, senior member and representative of the SPLM-IO at the National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) |Photo: File

By Oyet Nathaniel Pierino

Writing to response to the latest Press Release by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), dated, 27/1/2021; entitled “Breaking the Silence.”

The JCE was formed by some Politicians from Jieng community shortly after the independence with a mission to promote Dinka nationalism in South Sudan. The group has now written, distancing themselves from the political situations in South Sudan (2013-2021), dismissing the Revitalised Agreement (2018) and seeking to replace it with the National Dialogue Reports and its Cover Letter.

Incepted at the dawn of independence, the JCE ideologues emerged within the Transitional National Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive arm of Government to influence, advice, direct and execute the day today politics and policies of the Government.

Pursuant to its mission, strategically the JCE whose membership overlapped with membership of government, comprise well placed very senior officials of Jieng descents in the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary of South Sudan and they included but not limited to those politicians who signed the latest press release dated 27/1/2021.

Today, as a result of the activities of JCE, pursuing Dinka nationalism and community interest, within the politics and governance of the country, South Sudan has been Balkanized, polarized and divided along tribal, ethnic and regional lines, a situation that pose existential threats to the very foundations of the country.

The miseries of the country and of its population; the collapse of state and government etc are the spinoff of the politics of JCE and their accomplices to divide and unilaterally rule the country without regards to development and to the exclusion of the other sixty three (63) tribes inhabiting South Sudan.

The JCE turned itself into an exclusive opportunist violent capitalist regime and attempted to build an exclusive system that; condoned corruption and encouraged impunity, evidently, failure to arrest and prosecute corrupt government officials who also happened to be members of JCE themselves; promoted tribalism and nepotism in public service, hence depriving and limiting opportunities to members of other communities, promoted ideology of majoritarianism and marginalization of other sections and communities, promoted centralizations of power and resources in few hands and impoverishing the bulk population of South Sudan including those of Dinka descents, and a system that conspired with foreign, individuals, agents and governments to undermine the independence and territorial integrity of the country; by promoting personal and private international relations, looting and repatriating the wealth of the country to foreign capitals etc.

the JCE inadvertently, compromised the sovereignty of South Sudan and the Security of the country. Consequently, from 2012, South Sudan maintains its lead as the world’s most fragile country and a “Fail State”; majority of its population are food insecure, and lagging 30 years behind the Eastern and Central Africans Countries in terms of illiteracy.

Notwithstanding the destabilizing politics and bringing the country to its knees, the JCE and its associates are not seeking to bridge the gaps but continue to undermine prospects for peace and every efforts to bring peace to the country. They are trapped in a logic of escape and denials of justice and protection of unsustainable narrow political and economic interests and gains they attained in the past few years.

Moreover, the perceived gains by the JCE come with very high price; including reckoning with the consciousness of the rest of South Sudanese, attained over the years during confrontations with conservative patrimonial Khartoum based regimes and political forces which they rightly quoted in their letter, the political and military resistance by the bulk of South Sudanese of a system or tendency to exclude and marginalized others in the country, the large scale destructions and atrocities committed as a result of civil war that was born out of their policy, the threat of prosecutions of war criminals and continued international isolation and lost of legitimacy and finally assets recovery by the people of South Sudan and international sanctions and arms embargo are some of the questions that the members of JCE are grappling with. It’s these that inform their decision to dismiss any peace Agreement as they have put it in their press release, “the 2018 R-ARCSS is far worst than the 2015 ARCSS…. adding that it has “failed” to.

To a large extent, President Salva is a creature and a victim of JCE. They exploited him to get power and wealth. He doesn’t control them anymore and therefore, they do not need him. Having taken over the leadership of ruling SPLM and Southern Sudan in 2005, he was the symbol of unity of that party and the Country, the fountains of honor of the Republic. JCE ransacked and dashed these qualities. Where is the unity now and where is the honor? He is a president to some people and to others he is not especially if there was no Agreement of which the JCE has already dismissed. The JCE has also endorsed the Report of the National Dialogue and its controversial Cover Letter that calls for President Salva Kiir to step aside, because he has failed.

Apparently, President Salva is protected by the Peace Agreement, the Agreement confirms him as the incumbent President of the Republic and gives him 3 year term in office. As per the reports of National Dialogue, he is dismissed. The Agreement is superior to the content and resolutions of the National Dialogue.

The Agreement has taken legal effects after incorporation into the TCRSS 2011 (as amended). The terms of the Agreement prevails over any law or contrary texts in the event of any inconsistencies. I couldn’t see how the resolutions of National Dialogue would override the RARCISS (2018) and catch up with the President. Nonetheless, the people who attended the National Dialogue processes have spoken their minds. It’s worth taking note.

The JCE comprising some of the renown lawyers and politicians in the country are cognizant that the President will loose his immunity and becomes illegitimate only outside the Agreement. And therefore, are seeking to dismantle the Agreements yet again.

We are cognizant of the links and influence of the members of JCE on J1 politics and Bilpam, the SSPDF General Headquarters and remain seized of this development.

Nathaniel Oyet Pierino, is a senior member of the SPLM-IO and representative of the SPLM-IO at the National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC). He can be reached via Email: oyetnathaniel22@gmail.com

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On the unfortunate death of late Telar Ring Deng

The late Telar Ring Deng |Photo: File

Opinion |By Mary Nyibol Maker

Dear members, brothers and sisters,

Please allow me to wholeheartedly acknowledge and validate the emotions and feelings that are quite heightened now at the unfortunate, sudden death of our icon, late honorable Telar Ring Deng. I personally was in shock yesterday when a good friend messaged me about it. I immediately rang my uncle to confirm and to know the cause of his demise. I was heartbroken.

I recently came to know late uncle Telar a lot through my maternal uncle who would mention him (late) a lot. I may never have had personal conversations with him but hearing about him every now and then from my uncle brought him closer to my heart and loved him like my own uncle.

Late uncle Telar has a vast experience in all his fields of work, has great personal characteristics that majority admired. He not only made his immediate family proud but us all as South Sudanese as held triumphant through his role as an ambassador to Russia.

I just want to sincerely and wholeheartedly acknowledge pain that we are all going through now. I am sending my heartfelt condolences to his immediate family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

May his beautiful soul rest in paradise!

We will miss him and the more work he would’ve done to our country and people. But we shall let him rest and promise to carry on the good fight that he had commenced.

He surely died a hero and a man for humanity. He was very honest as he admitted a pandemic that befell the whole world, but one that our countrymen perceived as a self made disease by hiding it from the public, hence, innocent civilians ended up being victims of our own failures.

Our late uncle also cautioned people and advised people to practice Covid-19 safe guidelines. What man has done that before? I salute you uncle.

It’s painful that you left before genuine peace was attained in the country but those with a heart like yours will not rest until it is restored! We will never forget you. Go in peace and we love you and will always remember you.

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