South Sudan contracts Italian company to build slaughterhouses in Juba

To boost meat production in the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan and an Italian company signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see Architettura and Design Construction build slaughterhouses across the country.

On Monday, representatives from the company met the ministers of Livestock and Fisheries Onyoti Adigo Nyikwac, and Trade and Industry Kuol Athian, in Juba to discuss the importance of that project.

Speaking to the press on Monday, the undersecretary in the trade ministry, Agak Achuil Lual, said they are in consultations with the company to see how the project will improve meat production across the country.

“We are going to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), after that the terms will be turned into an agreement and if it accepted, then that kind of agreement will be translated into a contract for them to build the slaughterhouses,” Achuil said.

He said the implementation of the project will be carried out by the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries once the processes are completed and his ministry will be heavily involved in meat exportation.

Rolando Bonazza Architetto, the Architettura and Design Construction Company representative, said the mandate of the company is to create an opportunity for South Sudan to export locally produced meat to the international market.

“We want to establish a long-lasting relationship with countries working within a very specific case. I thank the delegations from the ministries of South Sudan and the South Sudanese people for the warm welcome they gave us and we will put our people in connection with the state of South Sudan to achieve an opportunity together in business partnership between Italy and South Sudan,” Bonazza said.

Zain launches dedicated Internet Access solutions for Enterprise customers (DIA & IP VPN)

Zain-South Sudan | Press Release

 Zain launches dedicated Internet Access solutions for Enterprise customers (DIA & IP VPN)
Zain launches dedicated Internet Access solutions for Enterprise customers (DIA & IP VPN) |© Zain

Dec 7, 2020 (Thessherald)–Zain, the leading digital service provider in South Sudan, announced the launch of the dedicated Internet Access (DIA & IP -VPN) solutions for enterprise customers.

The announcement comes as part of the company’s commitment to offer the latest and most advanced to ensure optimal business productivity and process workflow, our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service provides your company with symmetrical, dedicated and business-grade internet connections over a fixed wireless access network.

Features and Benefits:

• Dedicated internet access with unlimited usage

• Secure access to the internet through our state-of-the-art internet platform

• Network traffic prioritization with consistent performance

• Symmetrical upload and download speeds

• Ultrafast gigabit speeds

• High availability through a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This also comes in line with Zain’s Business strategy that aims at empowering a more efficient business sector in the South Sudan market.

Zain’s DIA & IP-VPN platform features a wide range of Access-based services, The plans feature high-quality &Fast installation time compared to other technologies like fiber optics,Suitable for remote areas, High speed data transfer.

In today’s fast -paced world, you need the speed, agility and technology resources to keep up with customer demands. Your network is your driving factor for success, and this is where our connectivity solution comes in.

Zain offers these services and more through a number of flexible plans that suit corporate customers’ various needs and as per the enterprise’s size and number of desired sites. Zain South Sudan in collaboration with its commercial system integrator partners will provide you with a managed Router to imprave the performance and availability of you links, help you avoid the hassle of daily monitoring and router maintenance.

Consequently, you can focus on your core business activities while our qualified engineers will proactively monitor your service to guarantee optimal performance.

And the benefits of the managed CPE services are comprehensive, cost-effective solution of your enterprise network, Integrated hardware, software and after-sales support, end-to end service delivery and testing, centralized management and control, remote lon-site software configuration changes and updates, proactive fault identification and resolution, quick restoration times in the rare cases of network failure, on-going maintenance and hardware management and flexible financing based on your equipment needs.

Zain Business services and solutions for corporate customers attending the exhibition, particularly those presented to the oil & gas industries.

Zain’s strategy is centered on digital transformation leadership and empowering the community to enjoy a smarter portable lifestyle, as well as using advanced technology to enable an easier and more flexible life.

The company places itself as an active partner in creating the future of smart life in South Sudan. Today’s launch will contribute to prove the company’s full potential in triggering the digital community, and will enrich its collaborations in Telecom and IT areas with its strategic partners on multiple levels.

South Sudan Petroleum Minister Holds Talks with OPEC to Find Solutions on Oil Price War

Puot Kang Chuol/ Photo: Facebook Profile

April 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–While oil prices rebounded last week on hopes of successful negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Russia, they went back down again today following the negotiations’ delay. Oil prices currently average $25 to $30 a barrel, maintaining their historic low and hurting producers around the world.

Recently appointed Minister of Petroleum of South Sudan, Hon. Puot Kang had talks over the phone with H.E. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC today, to try to find an exit out of the current crisis. Hon. Puot Kang also pledged to join the OPEC negotiations on Thursday April 9th, with the hope of reaching a favorable agreement that will stabilize the market and bring benefit to South Sudan and its producing companies.

South Sudan is focused on boosting exploration and opening up new oil & gas fields, and the current scenario hampers our growth targets significantly.

South Sudan has been part of the OPEC Declaration of Cooperation and OPEC+ for years and a consistent supporter of OPEC’s measures to prevent volatility and maintain market stability. Because 98% of the economy of South Sudan depends on oil production and revenue, the country is one of the hardest hit by the current crisis and prices war.

“South Sudan believes that market volatility is negative for every player in the market and hurts out ability to attract new foreign investment, diversify our economy and promote peace,” stated Hon. Puot Kang. “South Sudan is focused on boosting exploration and opening up new oil & gas fields, and the current scenario hampers our growth targets significantly,” he added.

Hon. Puot Kang notably expressed South Sudan’s willingness to work with OPEC and OPEC+ to end the price war in any way possible. He also further welcomed OPEC’s support in the exchange of information and best industry practices on key matters pertaining to local content development, domestic capacity building, technology transfers and oil revenue management.