Public statement on the cycle of violence in Otuho villages of Eastern Torit

Press statement 

April 11, 2020 (Thessherald)–We the undersigned Otuho leaders and intellectuals have been following with great concern the recent cycle of violence involving the villages of Hiyala, Iloli, Oguruny, Olyanga, and Haforiere. We are also mindful that this cycle of violence has the potential of extending into other villages within and outside Hiyala Payam.

After thorough analysis of the situation and considering the urgency of ending this cycle of violence, resolved as follows:-

  1. Condemn the recurring conflicts and cycle of violence in Hiyala Payam and regret the unnecessary loss of innocent lives, particularly women.
  2. Demand for immediate cessation of hostilities between and among the villages involved in the conflicts and cycle of violence.
  3. Urge the Monyiemiji to immediately retrieve any raided cows or goats
    and return them to the rightful owners.
  4. Request the Chiefs and Monyiemiji of the said villages to immediately
    identify persons implicated in the raids of goats and cows and killing or wounding of innocent people during the recent cycle of violence.
  5. Demand accountability for persons implicated in the killing or wounding of innocent people, or in commission of other unlawful acts. This includes bringing criminal prosecutions against the culprits and make them compensate the victims of their crime in accordance with applicable customary laws and practices.
  6. Call on all security organs at the State and County levels to identify, track and arrest any person or group involved in fuelling the conflict including illicit supply of weapons and ammunition, or instigating violence between and among the said villages.
  7. Urge the Secretary General of the defunct Torit State to take immediate steps to end the current cycle of violence engulfing the Otuho villages of eastern Torit.
  8. Appeal to all leaders, intellectuals, elders, women and youth from the villages affected by this cycle of violence to promote the spirit of peace and reconciliation and to refrain from making utterances or engage in adverse activities that may further complicate the situation.
  9. Implore the two kings of Maya and Hujang to initiate peace and reconciliation meetings between and among the villages involved in these conflicts or cycle of violence.
  10. Resolve that clauses 3, 4 and 5 of this public statement shall only apply to incidents covering the period January 2019 – April 2020.
  11. Demand for safe and unhindered passage and movement of vehicles, goods and throughout the territory of the villages involved in this cycle of violence.
  12. Request the Monyomiji Supreme Council to follow-up on the implementation of these resolutions
  13. Appeal to the Parties to the Revitalised Peace Agreement to immediately resolve their differences over the allocation of States and to appoint State Governors as a matter of urgency. This is to close the governance vacuum created at the State and County levels, and which is being exploited by local communities to engage in violent activities.
  14. Decide to remain seized of the matter Issued under our Hands in Juba this Second Day of the Month of April, in the year Two Thousand and Twenty A.D.


  1. Hon. Francis Ben Ataba
  2. Justice Martinson Mathew Oturomoi
  3. Hon Tulio Odongi Ayahu
  4. Hon. Aloiso Ojetuk Emor
  5. Hon. Martin Ohuro Okerruk
  6. Hon. William Odingila Elak
  7. Hon. John Oromo Itorong
  8. Prof. Billy Berto Madison.
  9. Ustaz Adam Cholong Aham
  10. Prof. Satiro Obore Otti
  11. Rogato Ohide Kusang
  12. Joseph Ojuku Ikarak
  13. Hon. Amb. Ceaser Oliha Marko
  14. Hon. Ocum Genes Karlo
  15. Hon. Joseph Africano Bartel
  16. Maj Gen Aquilino Itira Oyiha
  17. Maj Gen. Ben Bilal Mamur
  18. John Odongi Okori
  19. Betty Oboi Itorong
  20. Hon. Dr. John Kanisio Okeleng
    21 Arkangelo Oller Okwang
  21. Joseph Oroto Garasiano
  22. Dr Valentino Obworu Salih
  23. John Ohisa Damian
  24. Simplicio Oliha Timateyo
  25. Vitale Oliwa Nimesio
  26. Ohisa Charles Piro
  27. Lima Albino Haworth
  28. Oyilang Kanuto Aham