Achai Wiir donates brand new Toyota Harrier to musician Gordon Koang

Acclaimed pop-star singer Gordon Koang Duoth and his brother Paul Biel pose for a picture after receiving a donation receipt |Photo: Achai Wiir

Well-known businesswoman and philanthropist Achai Weir has donated an all-new Toyota Harrier to acclaimed singer Gordon Koang Duoth, as a show of appreciation for his dedicated contributions to the music industry in South Sudan.

“Legendary singer, Gordon Koang while in Kampala, has received his brand new Toyota Harrier,” said Achai Wiir in a Facebook post shared widely on social media.

According to Achai, the newly donated Toyota will play an important role in facilitating his daily outdoor movements during his stay in Africa.

“The car will support his movements within Kampala and other areas within the region. Congrats dear brother, enjoy your stay in Africa,” she says.

This is not the first time the businessman has astonished the world with extraordinary altruism and philanthropic activities.

Last year, Achai bought a brand new Toyota vehicle for Traffic Police Officer George Kenyi as a reward for his outstanding commitment to ensuring traffic safety in the capital, Juba.

Achai Wiir donates 4 Trikes for persons with disabilities

Achai Wiir and her team members after delivering donated Trikes to persons with disabilities |Photo: AW-Foundation

Report |By Buay Kapduel

October 30, 2020 (Thessherald)–Achai Wiir, a prominent South Sudanese businesswoman and philanthropist, has donated four three-wheeled motorcycles for people with disabilities in the capital, Juba.

Achai, who recently formed a charity organization, is known for dedicating her time and energy to caring for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society in order to improve their living standards.

“Today, I simultaneously handed-over four (4) three-wheeled motorbikes to persons with disabilities at De Space Lounge and Restaurant in Juba.The handover was witnessed by a number of government officials and a few onlookers,” she noted.

“Today, I marked one month of donating wheelchairs to vulnerable South Sudanese persons with disabilities. Thanks to everyone who stood with me. Your positive comments encouraged me to continue with this initiative that I had undertaken for the love of my country,” she added.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Achai attracted public attention after lending a helping hand to a disabled person who always sells insignificant items along Ministries road, next to Dr. John Garang Mausoleum.

“As I continue with my initiative and that of the Foundation to support the most disadvantaged and disabled people of this great nation, my team and I today, donated a trike to a vulnerable man along Ministries road, next to Dr. John Garang Mausoleum.”

Achai Wiir joined by the Minister of East Africa Parliamentary Affairs, Honorable Deng Alor |Photo: AW-Foundation

“As you can see, the disabled man is beating the odds by transacting his small profit-making business next to the road. He’s a true example of “disability is not inability”. I was touched and I offered to him funds to expand his business.”

“Minutes later as I was interacting with the disabled man, I was joined by my uncle who’s also the Minister of East Africa Parliamentary Affairs, Honorable Deng Alor. He spotted us as he was driving to his office and stopped-by to extend his helping hand to us.”