Workshop on Constitution-making stalled as ITGNU refuses to attend

The Kiir administration has refused to nominate three participants to attend a crucial workshop on Permanent Constitution-making, said Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, SPLM-IO Representative to NCAC.

“For the past two (2) months, RJMEC pursuant to the Agreement, Chapter Six; (Art. 6.7-9) has been engaging Parties to the Agreement to kickstart the process of the Permanent Constitution Making for South Sudan. Series of consultative and sensitization meetings/workshops took place with Parties and Stakeholders but the ITGNU refused to take part,” he said.

“Each party to the Agreement were requested to nominate 3 participants to the Permanent Constitution Making Workshop planned for first week of February, 2021; all parties nominated their representatives, except ITGNU.”

In accordance with R-ARCSS, the Permanent Constitution Making for South Sudan is one of the most critical milestones in the Agreement since:

1)—It shall enact a Federal System of government in South Sudan;

2)—The upcoming General Elections for South Sudan shall be held under the new Constitution;

3)—The Constitution shall resolve a number of outstanding governance issues in South Sudan pertinent to addressing root causes of the conflict in the country.

The opposition accused the Kiir administration of dragging it feet on the implementation of the peace agreement.

“The ITGNU, the party to Agreement didn’t appoint its representatives to participate in the workshop on Permanent Constitution Making despite several notifications; and refused to take part in the preparatory consultative and sensitization meetings.”