Opinion| Kuol Manyang Juk wants to install the second president by all means

Former Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, General Kuol Manyang Juuk | File

Opinion | By Cde Nicolas Chan

Opinion — Luck might not be in General Kuol Manyang’s favor this time as it was 16 years ago. Many people do not know the drama that followed late Dr. Garang’s death and the subsequent need to look for a replacement among the SPLM senior commanders and politicians at that time.

Since Garang’s death was unprecedented, the decision to get a perfect successor was not easier to make. It nearly created a rift among the SPLM senior members who had gathered at New-site to look for a replacement. Fortunately, there was a clear line of command created and developed over years by the late chairman. Any sensible comrade could have understood who was to be the replacement when the chairman position felt vacant.

At the eve of confusion, Gen. Kuol Manyang bravely stood his ground by calling out General Salva Kiir Mayardit, whom he ordered to sit on the empty chair that would signify the official taking over of the throne left vacant by late Garang. A huge round of applause ensued soon as Kiir sat on the chair, indicating the approval of his nomination by the majority of the senior commanders who had then converged to nominate a successor. Kuol Manyang’s role could not be underestimated. Had he not decisively come out and called on Kiir to sit on the chair, there might have been some chaos, feared to derail the cause of the movement. Thanks to General Kuol!

The role of Kuol Manyang in today’s government under his choice

Kuol Manyang has changed for the worse. He is not the same incorrupt man, known to many during the liberation days. His level of corrupt malpractices has surpassed corruption lords and could be beyond comprehension in the truest sense of the word. Look at the few cases and draw up judgement.

Kuol Manyang registered corruption cases with evidence

When Kuol was the minister of Defense, he did not care or fear anyone. He was involved in unimaginable and monstrous financial discrepancies, embezzlement and corruption massively without shame and remorse, being that he was an SPLA senior commander who equally participated in bringing Salva Kiir to Presidency.

• The Eagle House sitting at the heart of Bilpham Military General Head-quarter’s construction cost was inflated from 24million to 48 million USD by Kuol Manyang. When the Eagle house was constructed Kuol Manyang jumped the cost of construction from 24million USD by doubling it to 48million USD. When a senior army officer, who was assigned to draw up the cost estimation complained, he was dismissed from the senior command tier and given a lesser job not commensurate with his rank. I may not mention the name of that commander, but he knows himself. He is still active though brushed aside by the corrupt lords.

• This 48 million USD contract was done outside the parliamentary approval. Neither were right procurement and logistics procedures followed nor were the legal financial acts regulations considered. Kuol took the money, owned and misappropriated it as he wanted in the name of being a senior and untouchable senior commander.

• Kuol designed another deal for the construction of a military Air-base at Bilpham General Head-quarter, which he roughly estimated at 309,005,787 USD or just say $309 million. In a nutshell, he picked a company belonging to his daughter and misappropriated funds. If he had used a lot in the airbase construction, it could not exceed 5 million USD. He bypassed the legal procurement procedures as he did with the Eagle House construction. He went away with a huge chunk of hard currencies. No one asked or questioned him. He ate all the money and was yawning for more. Testimony to this truth is that there is no Airbase as I write this article, but he has taken the money.

• Kuol Manyang deliberately corrupted procurement processes in Bilpam without anyone questioning him. He authorized and signed multi million contracts related to the purchase of military food items – contracts that were inflated beyond reasonable market price in the whole of East Africa. For example, one bag of maize flour was quoted over $700.

Kuol Manyang as minister and later senior presidential advisor and ONE BIG assignment he failed to deliver on

Sometime in 2018, there was a looming rumor that former President Omer Bashir was being ousted in months ahead that year. Kuol was called by the government under the auspice of President Kiir to organize and unite the faction leaders of all rebel groups fighting the Sudanese government in preparation for any potential future peace talks. The objective was to have them develop a common consensus, unified and working negotiating position with any potential incoming leadership in Sudan. Kuol immediately agreed to nurse the process since he was an old comrade to people like General Malik Agaar and General Adam Al Hilu.

The president of the Republic Salva Kiir Mayardit in good faith ordered the Finance ministry to allocate 1.5 million USD for kick-starting that project. Kuol received the 1.5 million USD and kept quiet with it. Months passed and there was nothing to show or inform of a report or feedback on the assignment. When asked what he had done with the money, and what progress was happening, he unashamedly lied to the president that he had built a conference building with the money, which conference building he would fail to show to the committee when he was grilled to lead them there.

The president asked Tut Kew to look into the matter after Kuol Manyang had eaten the money and failed to account for it. Hon. Tut Gatluak improvised from friends some money which he used to kick start the peace process, bringing all factions including the Darfur to Juba and that was the kind of peace negotiation you witnessed in Juba. Tut started without a single coin from the government although he was backed up by the government and international community later in terms of funding.


With these few cases and others to come with details, Kuol Manyang is right to say he and his other friends and cronies have failed not only the president or South Sudanese but the government and SPLM party. President Salva KIir Mayardit is not corrupt. Him and his cronies, who have in the recent past been ganging up as SPLM senior comrades should resign silently other than investing in noisemaking by unnecessarily accusing President Kiir for what are their visible failures.

The claim by Kuol Manyang that he alone managed that time to install the President is unreasonable. It was not his own effort, but all contributed. There was no other candidate who was in possession of President Kiir’s cards to replace late Garang. If he is wanting to install Nhial Deng Nhial in the same way he thinks he did the first one, he is dreaming of an impossible possibility. We are a nation, governed through democratic principles. We choose our leaders in elections not hand-picking.

If he wants Nhial Deng Nhial to be president, he should advise him to form a party, and make him its chairman. Who should meet with President Kiir at the ballot boxes in 2023. Nhial Deng Nhial is not wise at all. Why did he fail to notice the grain of confusion in the background of games by his team? How could he think, their agenda would go through at the platform afforded him generously by president Salva Kiir Mayardit? Is this not like committing an adultery with the wife of a host? Kiir hosted Nhial and Nhial is caught conspiring to unseat Kiir, god must be crazy!

The author is a concerned South Sudanese and can be reached via his Email at at nicolasmadingchan@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

Save Nilepet at the hands of the world’s most corrupt Managing Director

Managing Director of Nilepet, Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | File

Opinion | Tong Deng Ariath 

Dear general public, kindly be informed that your public institution, Nilepet under M.D Bol Ring Muorwel has been in the spotlight on the corruption scandal since last month prior to his departure for Dubai.

As a watchdog organization, the South Sudan Anti-corruption Forum (SSACF) dedicated its life to educate masses on how public offices are being run by office holders. It is also our request to you who is reading this article to speak up against corruption and corrupt official as common fight against common enemy

Dear public,

• 1. On 17th Feb. 2021, Managing Director Bol Ring conducted a meeting with his closest home area fellows after hearing news that he would be fired before April 2021. In the meeting they agreed that;

• There should be more employment to twic Mayardit people since Eng. Bol Ring is soon exiting the company which was immediately implemented last weeks after He left for Dubai. He arranged the list of 36 people to be employed and ordered human resource manager to call them to sign their permanent contracts which was perfectly done.

• 2. Managing Director swindled 3.7 million USD more in pretext of purchasing corporation cars and computers and used this money to build luxurious apartment in Thongpiny residential area. In case someone would not agree, come and ask one of the marginalized staff of Nilpet Company to take you to where this apartment is, that will be the day you will run mad looking at your current status and the recent status Bol Ring Muorwel equated his life into.

• 3. Bol Ring the Managing Director has opened up 3 shops of gas and gas cylinders in juba diverting some gas from Nilepet corporation to his shops. This open corruption at public institution should not be tolerated

• 4. Managing Director has signed a contract with one of Somalian company for money transfer to be investing staff salary of Nilepet for two weeks before paying it. That’s why the staff did not get the salary for last month until now.

• 5. MD Bol Ring Muorwel is aware to be on his last days as boss of Nilepet and because of that, he swept 35 million USD from the treasury of corporation as you all know from our previous article. This is do or die game of corruption.

• 6. Managing Director of Nilpet Company Eng Bol Ring Muorwel introduced a system that staff would be seeing him in the office only when one has a testing certificate of Coronavirus Free. This has been used as an advantage to him so that other staff not related to him would not be seeing him but being only visited on frequent basis by his relatives working in the Nilpet Company.

• 7. He (Eng. Bol), recently accused his private secretary over of how the accurate news of his office and house go out to the public. It was a serious disagreement and quarrel that left his private secretary being sacked from his official duties and position but replaced by Osman Bol who vowed to the Nilpet Company Managing Director of protecting Eng.’s interest.

• 8. Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel is on high speed of increasing coruption after having officially received the bad news from the office of the president that he would not spend more months again as his corruption case has been properly registered in presidency. He moved and recruited 27 members from Wun-rok Payam of Twic County, Warrap State. They were the known fishermen around Lol river of Twic County and they are from his clan Padhieu.

Dear Excellency,
Destroying a nation does expect someone to storm the nation with guns but with the highest corruption, that amounts to bring the status and the image of the country down as the country’s economy cripples when million and billions of dollars and South Sudanese pounds are being pocketed by the individuals powerful generals and other lines of blood related manipulation and exploitation of humans.

We are telling you that Bol is corrupting the public resources and you are keeping quiet, how would wish your people to speak to you? Not everyone that has an access to your office but public or masses can still find you through media.

Just take Bol Ring Muorwel out and appoint other competent Engineer as there are many in the country. Bol has made enough corruption that can’t be tolerated at all. We informed you of what public is not happy with and we expect your cooperation.

The writer is the President of the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

Ex-officials threaten to demonstrate if they don’t get send-off package

Former officials in the now-defunct 32 states are demanding their benefits promised by the government, or they will have no choice but to organize peaceful demonstrations in Juba to express their grievances.

This comes after the president’s office prevented them from granting them access, as they were heading to discuss the matter with the President.

“We went to the office of the president to try to meet him, but we were stopped at the gate by the security personnel,” said Peter Gatkuoth, former advisor for peace and reconciliation in the defunct Southern Liech.

The former officials, numbering about 1,816, are reported to have demanded a payment of $60,000 for each governor and $40,000 every state advisor, minister and commissioner.

President Kiir sacked all 32 state officials in 2020 after returning the country to its previous 10 states in accordance with the peace deal. However, the change affected all the officials who were serving in those states.

“Come Tuesday, which is 15 March, we will go to the streets…all over the country,” Rom warned.

The Vice President for the Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, was instructed to organize all constitutional post-holders and civil servants affected by the return to the ten states. However, up to now, some of them say they have not been paid.

A committee representing more than 1,000 former officials from the defunct 32 states and administrative areas had walked to the State House, J1, to inquire from the president why they are not being paid their dues.

Eng. Bol Ring is the Most Corrupt Managing Director in Nilepet’s History

Managing Director of Nilepet Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | Courtesy Photo

Opinion | By Elizabeth Achan Ring

In Dinka Culture, whenever you see a thief stealing a public or individual’s property and you keep quiet without reporting the case to the owner of the property, you the onlooker is termed a thief due to your failure to report the case. To relate this to the ongoing rampant corruption in Nilepet under the incumbent Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring.

I felt concerned to enlighten and aware the public on the diversion of their petrodollars by Bol Ring and his good boys. Bol Ring and his loyalists have emptied the bank account of Nilepet. There is neither a single pound nor a single dollar in the Nilepet’s account at the time of writing article. Bol Ring transferred all the cash to his personal account and used some money for purchasing personal assets such as a Villa in Kampala, an estate in Gurei, Juba, a furnished house or apartment in Juba etc.

He recently bought four new brand V8s at 120, 000 dollars each, which he cashed out from the company account. He cashed out 120,000 dollars and order another V8 from Dubai. The vehicle is on the way from Dubai. Bol Ring took 12 millions dollars in advance from DPOC, SPOC, and GPOC in case he is removed from the position of Managing Director.

He also took fuel from suppliers at the amount of 35 millions dollars and sold it in the black market without paying the suppliers. The country is currently facing shortage of fuel because Bol Ring has sold the fuel meant for public use, in the black market. All the fuel depots are empty. The government institutions have fun shortage of fuel and sometimes they buy fuel from the black market.

In addition to the above, Bol Ring Muorwel is a naturally born sectionalist, tribalist and clanist. Bol Ring has hijacked the duties of Director General, human resource manager, finance manager, procurement manager etc. In less than six months in the office, Bol succeeded in recruiting over one hundred relatives. The worse thing is that majority of Bol’s relatives whom he recruited into Nilepet are mere illiterate who never stepped their feet near any school compound. Bol Ring transported many of them from cattle camps in village to Juba and contracted them in high grades as well as assigning them in sensitive departments in Nilepet. I have compiled their names and I will soon publish them in the media.

Lastly, Bol Ring is a potential criminal who should be sentenced to life imprisonment. I don’t know the kind of culture which Bol Ring and his good boys have adopted. None of the 64 cultures of South Sudan condone corruption or any malpractices. Neither the Bible nor Quran tolerate corruption.

This means Bol Ring is a naturally born thief and that’s why he will die as a corrupt man. Bol Ring should be tried in the court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment in order to be an exemplary to the rest of corrupt individuals in South Sudan. Leaving Bol Ring and his relatives to corrupt the public resources in broad daylight, serves as an encouragement of the corruption in the country.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese who lives in the capital Juba, South Sudan.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

In South Sudan, a soldier’s monthly wage cannot buy a chicken

Years of bloody conflict have crippled the country’s economy, exposing soldiers to an extremely difficult situation with their families as their monthly salaries cannot even buy a chicken.

According to an independent report obtained by Thessherald, a private soldier in the military earns about 1,200 South Sudanese pounds per month, equivalent to less than $4, making it the lowest paid army in the world.

Sometimes, they resort to doing odd jobs for a living as their monthly wages, which are supposed to be paid regularly, come once in a blue month.

South Sudan descended into conflict in mid-December 2013, after President Salva Kiir accused Dr. Machar of plotting a military coup against his administration – sparking deadly violence between forces on ethnic lines.

In September 2018, the Parties signed R-the ARCSS, aimed at restoring peace in the country. However, the ongoing deteriorating humanitarian situation along with other underlying factors continues to paralyze the economy.

Last week, the Ministry of Defense, Angelina Jany Teny admitted that lack of funding derails efforts to graduate the first batch of the Necessary Unified Forces.

Opinion | South Sudanese Lives Matter

“Let me not be misunderstood; I am not against the cake of your children…but I talk as a person in this field.”

Opinion | By Pal Chol Nyan

The world is hit by deadly pandemic, the COVID-19 which is killing people at an alarming rate. Ebola, also a deadly viral haemorrhagic fever, which was said to have been eradicated has cases reported again in Congo, one of neighbouring countries to South Sudan; which poses a risk here.

We have cholera, malaria and meningitis, which are endemic diseases that we deal with and live with at all times.

As the States governments are being formed, I thought the Health Ministers would be people in the medical and health discipline. It turned out not to be the case. It is a hope dashed . All or most of those appointed to the states Ministries of Health are lay people with different specializations, newly baptized into the political realm as a result of the R-ARCISS.

“Let me not be misunderstood; I am not against the cake of your children.”

The R-ARCISS is publicly known to have been tailored with extreme care by the warring Parties towards seeking jobs. This fact is substantiated by the legion of Advisers, Ministers, Commissioners, Chairpersons of Commissions, let alone the State lawmakers and Local councillors to be announced. Anyway, who am I to dispute what the owners have set themselves out to do?

I am not against the officials who won the confidence of the appointing authority but I talk as a person in this field. Assuming that a minister is invited by the International NGOs or UN agencies to discuss a particular case like Malaria, what will they say? Do not tell me the Minister is a political appointee and that the Director-General will handle health issues and the technical part.

It is important that the two must come from same field so that they don’t collide over the budget about what to use it for the benefit of the public and what goes to the pocket. Bringing a person from another sphere to the Health docket is inviting problems and conflicts which will hamper the real work of coping with the pandemic. There is a need for the leaders to revisit their decisions in the next political appointments because with this one, the dice has been cast.

The Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Education, Physical Infrastructures and Energy and Dams are supposed to be headed by technocrats. They will be in a position to know what is good for them and the people. They will not be focused on wealth creation and the enhanced dictum of nepotism, favouritism and tribal tendencies of all types. You can continue to politicize the other Ministries.

We have no problem but South Sudanese lives matter!

The writer is a South Sudanese who’s concerned about the ongoing situation in the country.

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

UN to audit S. Sudan’s oil sector to cross-check loopholes of corruption

President Salva Kiir Mayardit | Photo: File

To identify loopholes of corruption in the world’s youngest nation, the United Nations Security Council has asked Chinese oil companies to provide detailed information on the country’s oil revenues used by the government over the past two years.

“The Panel seeking clarification on the financial transactions that DPOC has made to the government and Nilepet. The Panel is seeking detailed responses because the Panel has received information that DPOC has not remitted the payment to the Bank of South Sudan for yearly surface rental fees,” said Mr. Emilio Manfredi, the Coordinator Panel of Experts on South Sudan.

In a letter addressed to South Sudan’s authorities, the UN Panel of experts are extremely “concerned that the public revenue Nilepet has earned from its eight percent stake in the consortium has not been transferred from DPOC accounts transparently.”

“In pursuit of its mandate, the Panel is requesting information pertaining to Dar Petroleum Operating Company (DPOC), in which the Government of the Republic of South Sudan has a stake through Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet).”

The UN officials expressed concern about widespread corruption and mismanagement of the country’s public resources by high-ranking government officials who continue to enrich themselves at the expense of their citizens.

South Sudan and Somalia top the list of the world’s most corrupt countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index, according to a recent report released by Transparency International.

As a result of misappropriation of public resources, the international community and donor countries have been reluctant to release funding needed for the implementation of the peace agreement.

Response to lies fabricated by South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum against NilPet’s Director Eng. Bol Ring

Author’s picture | Photo: Courtesy

By Marco Mayieb Wundit

Opinion —A bit to give an insight about the lies which were created by enemies of progress on 2nd February 2021, extended to and published as seen trending in a number of social media news outlets, a propaganda that raised the question of creditability of the source claimed in the name of what so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum,” which wrongly addressed and called for the removal of the Managing Director of NilePet Eng.Bol Ring Morwel and in what they called “An Open Letter to the President for the Removal of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel from NilePet”.

This is no business at all! The so called “South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum(SSACF)” is a lies-making organization established with ultra-objectives to assassinate the good characters of Eng.Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director of NilePet who is ardently busy day and night for reforms in the oil and gas sector in the Republic of South Sudan.

The said organization is proving itself with so much injurious aims to the public, their illusions to capture the attention of the public with unfounded allegations has provided for, sentiments and many interrogations among South Sudanese intellectuals such as, where are they coming from? What is it established for? Who are they? Where are their offices? And so forth.

These agents who suited themselves in an open lounge are mercenaries hired to fight for their guts, with lest it be satisfied with money.

The South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is a pseudonym entity operating under the dark shadow with one hand behind the bars waving with something written “Anti-Corruption”, while on the other two hands nursing and breastfeeding the old grown corruption which decides the order of the day in many institutions, what a creature with many hands!

Among these enemies are those who were affected by reform in NilePet and they opted to fight as the only alternate figure to get back their lost incentives and dimes of malpractices which they were fond of.

The labeling of these cheap, toothless and as well the baseless accusations are seriously misplaced and meant to deviate the attention of the public from the reform activities carried out by the Managing Director of NilePet ,Eng.Bol Ring Morwel who is everyday seen making positive changes that will contribute to the revival of economic power of South Sudan soon than later.

Many unfounded arguments as mentioned in their letter of claims seek refuge in their minds to where should such lies be accommodated and especially when they rinse their mouths with words like 50,000 USD, 2,000,000 USD and 1,000,000 USD be given to an employee working in NilePet as a weekly and monthly incentives, this is itself disqualifies the contents of their letter for they do not have knowledge of what is the cash-call for NilePet as a state-owned parastatal. It is a daymare indeed. NilePet does not even have such amount of money to be given to the Managing Director, a higher-ranking officer in charge of all activities of both NilePet, the headquarters itself and its subsidiaries plus Joint Operating Companies such as DPOC, GPOC and others. This is a pure lie.

The same organization so called South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is an envious entity as seen after they failed to clearly define the basis on which they collected these unfounded allegations which wrongly named individuals as attached to wrong grades who are not even employed in NilePet ,all grade 17th. With wider knowledge of the public that Eng. Bol Ring Morwel, the Managing Director approved and fully included those employees who were placed under special contracts by previous administrations as full time employees with privileges, this development itches the hearts of these enemies in multiple times.

In fact, they are so envious to the sense that; when they see other competent South Sudanese graduates looking for jobs, they subject them to threat of not getting even a daily bread for their lives. Some of these graduates are more qualified to be assigned in any institution.

This South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum is so blind to the degree that, it does not distinguish between the Master’s degree holder and the student who is yet to be awarded the said qualification as it came in their claims mentioning one of the employees working in NilePet whose credentials and titles are in questions to be awarded Master’s degree.

To further give due to where it belongs; Eng.Bol Ring Morwel is a true servant with clear vision and goals to reform the Oil and Gas sector in the country.

Since the appointment of Eng. Bol Ring Morwel as the Managing Director, NilePet has witnessed progress in many areas.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese, he holds BSC [ in Ac Accounting] from the University of Juba and could easily be reached through these contacts: 0912005956/0926163022 or email: marcobol464@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

Whistleblowers disclose wide-spread corruption in Nilpet

Press Statement | On the rampant corruption in Nilpet under the leadership of Bol Ring Muorwel

Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel | Photo: File

The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum would like to update the general public and the high leadership of the country, on the ongoing malpractices that are being practiced by the incumbent Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel and his relatives.

The SSACF’s leadership is much concerned about the broad daylight looting of the Nilpet’s resources by Bol Ring and his relatives. Eng. Bol Ring unknowingly turned the national company into a clan entity and the public need to take this into consideration.

The top leadership of the country should intervene quickly and rescue the national company from collapsing by firing the corrupt managing director Eng. Bol Ring.
The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum (SSACF) made strong research on Nilpet Company surroundings and finally comfiled the following points that you need to intervene so that you liberate the innocent South Sudanese’s resources from being eaten by this man you appointed but turns into Hyena in a broad daylight looting Nilpet resources and hired people to defend him on social media (Deng Emmillo Mou) and many others.

1- The leadership of South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum examined and found that the monthly salary designated for Managing Directors depending who is present as a Managing Director had been an amount of 1300$ with weekly allowance of 1000$. However a designated amount that an Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel refused to abide by but he instead changed his Managing Director’s monthly salary from 1300$ to 50,000$ with a weekly allowance of 70,000$. Which is a clear corruption on the broad daylight. He deserves to be relieved immediately.

2- The salary amount of a cashier in the National Oil Company all these years had been 800$ and an allowance of 300$, but when Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel entered as a Managing Director, he first of all relieved the innocent cashier (Chiek Reech) with his duties and appointed his brother’s son Ring Charles Mayen and changed the cashier’s salary from 800$ to 20,000$ with weekly allowance of 50,000$. Corruption and nepotism in action.

3- He currently bought an unbelievable luxurious building in Sudan Khartoum and he is building or constructing another wonderful tower in Uganda Kampala currently too through brother’s son Ring Charles Mayen who is in charge of all his uncle’s looted country’s resources. And more are yet to happen.

4- The Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel rented the house here in juba for 5years with an amount of 3,000,000$. He did this in his arrival to the National Oil Company.

5- He bought 4 cars on his arrival to the company as his own, 1 prado, 2 V8 and 1 Land cruiser.

6- He diverted the company’s employees year bonus Clothes allowance into his private account, he also moves to divert the amount dedicated for Christmas occasion and other important feasts into his account also.

7- He (Managing Director) is planning to buy a cargo plane for the company at an amount of 45,000,000$ which is not an amount of buying when the citizens are hungry, civil servants have no salaries and when government is always on loan from other countries, waging a heavy debt that would have serious implications on the next generations.

With all these evidences, an Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel deserves immediate dismissal and taken for investigation. In this time of the implementation of the Revatlized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, South Sudanese are keenly checking on you the leaders of the Country to see who doesn’t hear the voices of people across the country, imagine that Bol got appointed recently into this sensitive Country’s position but in less than 6 months, he did all the listed above which is a clear disgraced to the high leadership of the country

Thank you!

Deng Tong Ariath,

President, South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum, Juba, South Sudan

Opinion | Being ambassador’s son is an occupation in South Sudan

Opinion | By Linho Lual Deng

Opinion —In South Sudan, if you were to fill out your passport application form, instead of using another word to describe your profession, all you have to do is write your father’s position in the government.

This is a new approach or methods used by first-class citizens to illegally access government services or when traveling abroad for medical reasons or government-sponsored scholarships.

This marks the outbreak of rampant corruption in South Sudan.

For some of us, whose fathers are celebrated every year as fallen heroes and martyrs, but forgotten at the dinner table, are yearning to see an end to this form of dishonesty in the Republic of South Sudan.

Imagine, I spent an entire month looking for a national passport at the Department of Immigration and Passports, but it was all in vain —simply because I wasn’t related or a son of an ambassador to Russia, United States or China.

Our late founding father, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, once said that after their work is done or the country’s independence is achieved, there would be a generation of corrupt elites who know nothing but money and food and will plunder the nation’s vital resources.

“People accuse me of killing our sons and eating up people’s farm produces for nothing, but let me tell you this, our blood will be shed because I hate oppression and marginalization of our people but I will not even enjoy the fruits of this struggle. There are people sleeping comfortably right now; they don’t know the hunger or the sound of a gun. After our job is done that generation will take over; they will cut a large piece of land with pangas and sell it cheaply for a bottle of beer.”

Without a doubt, these are the people whom Dr. John Garang de Mabior was referring to. The country paid off with blood, sweat and tears has lost its sense of direction at the hands of failed leaders.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese and currently resides in Juba, South Sudan. He can be reached via his Email: linhodut@gmail.com

The views expressed in this “Opinion Section” belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The South Sudan Herald. Should you wish to submit your opinion piece or analysis, kindly contact us at: thessherald@gmail.com

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