Son of Clement W. Konga gunned down by unknown gunmen in Juba

The late Yaba Clement Konga killed by unidentified individuals in Juba |Photo: Via Facebook

Oct 6, 2020 (Thessherald)–The son of former Governor of Central Equatoria Clement Wani Konga has been killed by unidentified gunmen while he was on his way to his private farms with other companions.

According to one source, Yaba Clement was killed shortly after their vehicle they were traveling in had been punctured near Mount Ladu, an area situated a few kilometers from the country’s capital, Juba.

“He was killed by fellow Mundari herders behind Jebel Ladu after he strayed away from where their vehicle had a puncture. The culprits have already been identified by the chiefs. The chiefs promised to hand them over to the police as soon as possible,” the source described.

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Police launch manhunt for man who dumps 100 SSP into public toilet

100 South Sudanese Pound Banknote |Photo: File

Sept 19, 2020 (Thessherald)–Juba Police have launched a big manhunt after an unidentified individual dumped 100 SSP banknotes into a public toilet in the nation’s capital, Juba.

“Investigations are underway to identify the suspect, this is a serious criminal behaviour that will not be condoned at any cost,” said a police officer who requested anonymity as he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.

It is not clear what prompted the man to misuse the national currency. Analysts believe that the ongoing economic hardships may have frustrated the man.

“Who knows, this act may be an indication that the country’s banknotes have become as worthless as toilet paper,” the analyst noted.

Anonymous source

The Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, as amended in 2011, criminalizes all criminal practices or acts that contravene public morals.

In recent days, President Kiir has fired his long-term ally, former Finance Minister Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, in high hopes of averting an economic recession in the country.

The dismissal of the finance minister sparked mixed reactions from the public.

Police ask parents to practice good parenting to curb juvenile delinquency

A young boy polishing a rich man's shoes to earn a living in the country
An orphaned boy polishing a rich man’s shoes to earn a living | Photo: File

Sept 18, 2020 (Thessherald)–South Sudan’s National Police Service has appealed to parents and guardians to engage in good parenting practices to avoid reckless and delinquent behavior among their children.

Speaking to the media in the capital, Juba, the South Sudanese Police Spokesperson, Maj.Gen. Daniel Justin says most children are engaged in criminal activities due to lack of proper parental care from their parents and guardians.

The Police said parents are supposed to play a key role in ensuring that their children behave well in the public.

Last week, police arrested about 20 minors in connection with a violent assault on a young woman in the Shirkat neighborhood, Juba.

US issues Travel Advisory for S. Sudan over magnitude of crimes

United States Embassy issues statement on the ongoing situation in South Sudan | Photo: USA Embassy

August 13, 2020 (Thessherald)–The US government has issued a travel warning for South Sudan over the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and violent crimes in the country.

In a statement, Department of State updated its travel advisory and warned US citizens to be extremely cautious when considering travel to South Sudan.

“That travel advisory recommends that American Citizens not travel to South Sudan due to COVID-19, crime, kidnapping, and armed conflict. The Travel Advisory further notes that the U.S. Embassy has limited ability to provide emergency consular services to U.S. citizens.”

“American citizens that do decide to travel to South Sudan are advised to register with the Department of State’s Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP) and to contact the U.S. Embassy should they need emergency assistance.”

Since last year, there has been an increasing number of crimes fueled by inter-communal violence in the country.

Among the gross and heinous crimes committed was the murder of three children, who were ruthlessly murdered in cold blood by an immediate family member.

In July, the government ordered a nationwide disarmament to end widespread proliferation of firearms in the hands of the civilian population.

South Sudan’s girl takes her boyfriend’s life after relationship breakup

Mary J Queen/ Photo: Facebook

(Thessherald)-A 20-year-old South Sudanese girl identified as Mary J. Queen had stabbed her boyfriend after a relationship breakup, several sources confirmed on Saturday.

“ She stabbed him after they broke up. The police issued a search warrant for her arrest, and she will be tried on charges of killing a person without a valid reason,” said a family member of the victim.

The same source explained that the girl and the deceased hail from the same community.

“She comes from the same community as the victim, she is an evil girl with a very bad heart. How can a human being end a person’s life in this bad way,”? he added.

No arrest has been reported to date, as the perpetrator is still at large, for fear of being arrested.

The conflict and instability in the world’s youngest nation has increased crime levels in the country.