Mabior finally sheds light on SPLM-IO’s hidden internal affairs

Response to Matthew Debuol – Personal Assistant to the Minister of Defense of the R-TGONU)

Opinion |By Mabior Garang de Mabior 

Dec 13, 2020 (Thessherald)–On the 12th of December I received a missed call, followed by a message from Matthew Debuol, who goes by the username Troika on Telegram. He urged me to contact him directly, which I did later on the same day. I was taken aback since I have never received a call from this Comrade. To my surprise, he was calling me regarding the now infamous Facebook post by Comrade Kalany Mamuon in which he criticised the Hon. Minister of Defense, Mama Angelina.

He went on to – in a passive aggressive manner – intimidate me by giving me a lecture on party regulations and procedures. He wanted me to take disciplinary action against Comrade Kalany, whom he had previously threatened and failed. I wondered with which authority he was calling me and giving me directives.

In response, I declined to take any official action against Comrade Kalany since his was a personal opinion expressed on social media and not an official SPLM/SPLA (IO) position. It is the right of any citizen to criticise and hold accountable any constitutional post holder. While what Comrade Kalany said may have been insensitive, it was accurate.

It is for the same reason we criticise the President, that we can criticise any Minister; it comes with the territory, as it were. It is for this reason that I resigned as the Deputy Minister of Interior. In the absence of security arrangements, it was a set up for failure. However, I did agree to talk to Comrade Kalany and told him he could have found a better way of expressing the same view.

After several unsuccessful attempts to use me to intimidate Comrade Kalany, Comrade Matthew Debuol’s true colours came out suddenly in a sectarian rant. It started with an innocent question, asking how I propose we change the regime, which I told him was a question to be answered by the leadership, rendered irrelevant by the Luak Ltd. He then went on to tell me, ‘with all due respect’, Nuer children should not die for my regime change agenda. That I should go and bring children from Bor to die for regime change. At this point, I knew the Conversation was over.

I have received several messages from some party members counselling me not to dignify such myopic views with a response. I agree with these Comrades in principle. However, I felt it was necessary to write an “Opinion” on this issue because it is one of the propaganda talking points of a sectarian-cultural interest group in Juba who have hijacked the leadership of the peoples’ movement in the name of “giving peace a chance”.

Compatriots, this is mischief!

I am less concerned about the damage these words may do to my ego. I do not even believe they are the words of Comrade Debuol, I believe he picked them up from the senior partners in what I call the Luak Ltd. The enemy within is trying to use sectarian sentiments as a smokescreen to conceal their surrender to the status quo. They are suffering from struggle fatigue. The dishonourable surrender of the NPTC regime has nothing to do with saving the lives of Nuer children, it is magendo – corruption in the South Sudanese vernacular.

If these people cared about Nuer children, why have they forgotten about those in the Protection of Civilians Camps (PoC) and those in the refugee camps? The very same army he (Matthew Debuol) claims he wants to save by going to Juba, is the very same one which has been abandoned in the bush and are languishing in the cantonment centers. They are now under attack by an army led by a senior member of their party also in charge of security in the party.

In 2014, many South Sudanese from all walks of life joined the struggle for fundamental change in our country after the Juba massacre. Our indignation at this tragic chapter in our history was not because Nuers per se were killed, but because those who died where our fellow citizens.

In conclusion, members of the SPLM/SPLA (IO) and our civil population in general, should understand the difference between Peace and an Agreement. The current Agreement in Juba will never bring peace, which is our ultimate objective. Not necessarily the implementation of the Agreement. There is a difference between giving an Agreement a chance and giving Peace a chance. We have seen the results of giving this Agreement a chance, it has ended in war in Moroto. Let us now give real peace a chance by being honest with ourselves; there is no Agreement and we the politicians have surrendered.

Perhaps we may find peace out of this noble admission and negotiate a good surrender which may have a better chance at ending in peace.

A society of Humiliation and targeting of Awiel people

Son of General Paul Malong Awan

By Garang Paul Malong Awan

Sept 22, 2020 (Thessherald)–On account of humiliation, the incident in Bor is not the first time for such inhuman to happened. Two years ago, three youths of Awiel origins were burnt alive by Akol Koor and institution, National Security, nothing was done about it, and the incident of 30 Awiel boys pick at the airport and killed in Luri, by national security. A few days ago, with no crime worse than homicide, and no penalty for any crime than jail and sentenced, a young Awielian has to endure another humiliation in Bor, being strip naked and humiliated publicly.

In history of South Sudan, not even the Arabs that has done such inhuman and humiliation in our waste conflict. We never ran and deserted our community for lack of men to fight the uncouth enemy. And if we never abandoned our community for any fear or favor, we need to question ourselves as Awiel Community what and for how long will such humiliation continue and if taking this country back to Khartoum will do, so be it.

All these are happening to Awiel youths coz they lack a voice in the national government, and don’t tell us,
Gen. Santino Deng Wol
Hon. Ateny Wek Ateny
Hon. Kuol Athian Mayuen
Hon. Albino Bol Thieu
Hon. Thieu Mathok
Hon. Deng Deng Hoc
Hon. Deng Deng Akoon
Gen. Butrus Bol Bol
Hon. Tong Akeen

These are another victims who risk being killed and fired at will. what voice do they hold to air out and not fired tomorrow or fall victim of being humiliated and killed as well. As Equatoria are fighting for an independent Country, Awiel need to make a choice between going to Khartoum and self independent, the oil in Riang Awai is enough to develop and restate its failed institutions.

The humiliation and the killing of Awiel sons has reach its saturation and a decision is needed by the community. We need not to address these cases on blame to others but as the Awiel who never surrendered and never accept humiliation. The question goes to the Awiel elders and those who are supporting Kiir regime that burnt youth alive.

“The humiliation and targeting of Awiel youths in South Sudan.”

“leng aduk kuem we yich…?” our elders and youth…

The youths are being humiliated and harassed by the system that you all support and held accountable for. With due respect, what are you all doing about these humiliation of our youth or you are all waiting for us who are in exile to come and respond to such inhuman act done by the police who should always follow the law. We have people in this government who I ask for their voice to speak now or forever remain silent…

H.E. Hussain Akol
Hon. Ateny Wek
Hon. Kuol Athian
Hon. Albino Bol
Hon. Elder, Aldo Ajou
Hon. Thieu Mathok.
Hon. Deng Deng Akoon
Hon. Tong Akeen
Hon. Deng Deng Hoc
Hon. Garang Majak
Gen. Santino Deng Wol
Gen. Butrus Bol Bol
Gen. Dau Aturjong
Gen. Akech Adim
Hon. Awiel youth Union leadership
Hon. Awiel community leadership
Hon. Student union leadership

All the honorables and military ranks of varies respective leadership of Awiel and South Sudan, what is this humiliation at your watch…? For what happened in Bor is a humiliation that need an immediate address or another community, no matter the size will always undermine our ability and disrespect us.

As the photos proof that they are nakedly humiliated, we expect Bor to condemn the incident and not deny the facts if we all seek peace. This is something they have never done to (ber) Murle or Lou Nuer who have always displaced them from their ancestral homes, and they do it to the innocent Awiel youths who have always died defending Bor and Jonglei at large. We expect a condemned letter and not a denial letter from Bor community. Our concern now as a community is not about what happened, but about our unity and defend of our integrity as Awiel community. I asked all the elders and all respective honorables and generals to address this or take the community to join Khartoum regime who never humiliate us, and fight for our rights.

We fought for our rights in order for such act to cease and take each step in a lawful manner, but now that we are all being asked to always take action in our hands, this is not the society we needed to build. The youths of Awiel needs to unite, the future belong to us and not to the elders who are currently divided and confuse with the situation. Actions are needed to address such inhuman behavior, if the leadership is letting us down, as a community let’s appoint someone now or soon to address the community issues and revive our relations with other communities in the country.

The author is a South Sudanese citizen who hails from Awiel

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